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Develop visually stunning and fast mobile apps for iOS and Android up to 40 % cheaper with our experienced React Native developers

React native development services

Lazy Ants started the React Native department to provide our customers with another fast and cost-effective option for their mobile app projects. This technology allows using one team for both web and mobile applications, dramatically improving cost-efficiency.

React Native is championed by Facebook and adopted by giants like Walmart, Bloomberg and Uber.

Developers that you trust

Face-to-face interview

You can talk to our senior and middle developers before the kickoff.

Reports on your terms

Weekly updates with detailed task breakdowns.

Solid references

Our customers can provide their testimonials to prove the quality of work we've done.

Hire our React Native experts

A team of 10 skilled developers will make your React Native mobile app a reality. The detailed proposal includes the team organization along with pricing, communication plan and project management process.

The team is built around the core of senior programmers dealing with complicated tasks and managing middle and junior coders over the course of the project.

Besides delivering turnkey React Native solutions we provide consulting services. Should you rewrite your app with React Native? How much would it cost to create requirements and develop something new? How can you improve your existing app? Contact us for answers!

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