It was founded in 2004 in the free zone of Ataturk Airport in Istanbul.
Since then, our company has become one of the most respected companies
in the hardware sector and the SIBA brand has proven to be the most
widely famous and preferred trademark.
The bright, juicy red color stands out well against the background of other brands, and against the background of white, a clean and minimalistic design is obtained.
Our company possesses a wide product spectrum containing unprecedented models and designs of hardware equipment. We have been operating in the export of numerous hardwares such as door handles, lock bodies, cylinders, furniture handles and accessories in many countries throughout the Middleast, Eastern Europe, Russia and Central Asia.
In this version of the logo, we used a sans serif with rounded and bold outline. Having received the non-standard shape of the letter "i", we got a sign that resembles: a door handle, door hinges and a door lock.
Siba Eco
Siba's minimalist design is based only on the type logo. The font is based on the Antique class with the addition of a slight roundness for a more aesthetic and expensive look. The vibrant color stands out against the white for eye-catcher, while the slightly hidden logo reveals interest in the product.
Siba Premium
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