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We are a web agency that specializes in development. We work with both frontend technologies like Angular, VueJS & React, and backend frameworks such Symfony/Laravel for PHP, Node.js, or Python; we can also help by implementing your back end solution!

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We do web development for businesses of all sizes!

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Lazy Ants is a web agency and design company with one of the main focuses on Symfony, Laravel - modern PHP frameworks in the backend and the frontend - Angular, Vue.js, and React. We have expertise across multiple languages - JavaScript, Node.js, or Python for those who need it! We offer web design and development services for small, medium, or large businesses. If you have an idea that requires creativity to make it come alive, then we would love the opportunity of being your partner in bringing this vision into reality!

We are a team of web developers who have combined technical and design experience to offer you the best services for your business. We don't want anyone else's idea but yours! We will work closely with you from beginning till completion, making sure we create exactly what our clients envision in mind by designing it right down every detail so that everything matches up perfectly when executed on paper or screen.

Web design and development is a constantly-changing field. As agencies in this business, we make it our responsibility to stay on top of the changing technologies that come out each day and best practices for web designing/development across all platforms - whether they be mobile apps or desktop websites!

Web design and development

Web development and design

We offer various web development services to help you bring your vision for the internet into reality. We'll work with all aspects and levels, from small businesses looking to make changes themselves or completely revamp their site design. More giant corporations seek comprehensive re-platform solutions to ensure users can find what they need quickly, no matter how many pages there are!

We help you gain a competitive edge with our experienced web developers who utilize cutting-edge technologies and consider search engine visibility factors. With expertise in online marketing, we create attractive websites that load fast on both desktop computers and mobile devices - allowing users to find what they're looking for easily without wasting time navigating through pages of content!

Designing is a unique process. There are many different ways of doing things, and every client deserves to be treated differently because they are so amazing with their own needs in mind. But it's not just about making them happy; your work should also serve the goals set before you by company leadership for this project or any other future ones as well!

Web developers and enterprise solutions

We create web applications that power your business. Whether it's an ERP system for managing all aspects of enterprise resource planning, CRM software to connect with customers on a more personal level, or automated billing systems- we do everything!

By delivering user-friendly enterprise web apps that meet stringent security and administration requirements, we ensure your company can focus on its core business. We also enable the automation of administrative tasks for a smooth functioning environment. We do this by creating websites with ease in mind.

Web portals

We provide web development that relies on a team to collaborate efficiently. We also develop enterprise solutions for businesses and marketplaces to facilitate communication with vendors, customers, or other organizations that require knowledge bases in their workflows.

Industry specific web applications

Our web developers are experts in developing different websites for specific industries such as legal, retail, pharmaceutical, energy, human resources, travel, e-learning, and finance.

Custom web applications are our specialty. We have experience in the industries that make us capable of providing unique solutions to your industry's specific problems, which you can tailor just for you!

Online service platforms

We provide a wide range of online services that suit your needs. We can develop an application for you and adapt it as needed, whether it's e-commerce or something else entirely! Our helpful team is ready to tackle any project challenge, so contact us today if this sounds like what you need - our experts will be more than happy to work with you on developing solutions explicitly tailored toward their specific goals.

Start your business with a web development company

The right web development partner can guide and advise you during this crucial process. Whether an entrepreneur or the head of a large company, there are important strategic goals associated with your future digital product that must meet for it to succeed, and they won't come without their help!

What you can expect from your web development agency

A good web development agency understands the needs and wants of its clients. They should be able to guide you through your options, identify what's best for you, and answer any questions or concerns about online marketing in general - all while providing solutions on how we can work together!

We’re the team at Lazy Ants that helps you stay ahead of your competition by selecting technology to fit both current needs and future goals.

Excellent knowledge and experience with innovations

Web development has changed tremendously over the years, with new technologies emerging every day. To stay on top of this ever-changing industry and provide clients with all their needs in one place requires an expansion into different fields that allow for constant updating - such as security measures or browser compatibility issues.

A team tailored to your needs

Expertise is only the first step in building a perfect team. The composition of your group matters just as much, if not more, than who's on top! Your job as a web development company and project manager will be to plan out each stage from start to finish so that everything runs smoothly with minimal risk for you or any parties involved while still achieving desired results at optimal costs.

Perfect project management and quality assurance

Building a successful web application requires managing the entire process and working with every person on your team. Project managers need to understand what they need to accomplish their goal, including hiring more staff or assuming some tasks themselves if necessary.

Lazy Ants Web Development Process

Web application development is a difficult task that few will ever complete. It's essential to have an organized and professional process when creating these apps, ensuring success for your company in this competitive industry.

Idea generation of a web application

Identifying your "value proposition" is the first step to ensuring that you're not just another voice in an ocean of others. We work closely with our clients from beginning through the end to define their brand and find out what makes them unique while we research on behalf of both parties involved - identifying needs along the way!

Web Market Research

Validate your app idea before starting any engineering work by gathering feedback from the people who will use it. This analysis should include a buyer persona's demographics and motivations and their desired behaviors to ensure that what you're building can meet these needs!

Web wireframing

Wireframing is a great way to sketch out your app's user journey and visualize how it'll look in the end. It allows you time for reflection on what will make this new product different from other apps while still getting feedback from stakeholders who may be impacted by these design decisions early enough during the development process.

Web prototyping

It's essential to prototype your app before developing the software because it lets you test out different designs and get feedback from stakeholders about how they feel about them. This also allows for the evaluation of design choices to find what works best with users!

UI & UX design of a web project

After we've outlined all of your requirements, our designers will work on creating an intuitive and consistent user experience that caters perfectly to what you're looking for in terms of a target audience.

Web development

After that, we take care of the front-end and back-end development with continuous testing. Quality assurance will deliver a robust, high-performance app for your business!

Release and maintenance

We will launch your application with a professional tone of voice. We provide quality over time and ongoing maintenance to fix any problems you might face in the future!

Who is on the web development team?

The team's composition is unique to the requirements for each project, and all members are critical in delivering business value.

Web UI Designer

UI designers are responsible for creating attractive user interfaces. They adapt the visual aspect of their projects to meet your needs and provide a smooth experience by translating complex solutions into an easy-to-use application that will have users loving it from day one!

Web UX Designer

UX designers ensure that all visual and interactive aspects of your app are easy to understand and practical. They also take care in making it efficient for users' attention. With a good user experience, you can improve conversion rates by optimizing the website's structure or increasing sales through well-placed content.

Web Front-End Developer

Das Front-end developers are in charge of crafting the user interface. They work closely with back-end programmers and designers to create responsive, flexible mobile apps that sprint on any device without compromising security or stability.

Web Backend Developer

Backend developers are in charge of the nitty-gritty, day-to-day tasks that don't always impact your customers. These background workers make sure everything runs smoothly and efficiently behind the scenes for you!

You can make your application faster and more scalable with a back-end developer. The expert will also contribute to optimizing infrastructure costs for the company's bottom line!

DevOps Engineer (optional)

The DevOps team is your partner in building, hosting, and scaling an application. They focus on providing efficient infrastructure that can lower maintenance costs for you!

Web QA Specialist

A QA specialist ensures that the quality of your app's code is always at a high standard, and customers would never be able to tell there were any problems. They can detect when something goes wrong before it affects them- which means you get an earlier release! Thanks for correctly applying good QA processes.

Project Manager

The task of a project manager is to ensure that the projects run smoothly. They support you at every stage with web development, from consultation through implementation and beyond!

Technologies used in web development

We use a comprehensive and versatile range of technologies suitable for any application.

PHP development

PHP is an efficient, high-quality programming language that has become popular with many companies and projects in recent years. It continues to evolve rapidly while remaining stable enough for business use cases - making it one of the best choices out there!

Python development

Python is a popular coding language that has been used in software development for more than three decades. It's versatile and stable so that you can find Python on startups and billion-dollar corporations' machines!

Node.js development

Node.js is a server-side JavaScript that can be used for developing fast, scalable web applications, and it runs in the cloud thanks to constant updates by its dynamic community.

React.js, Vue.js, Angular (frontend development)

The front-end development is the key to attracting new users and building engagement. It solves problems with different techniques, frameworks, and technologies that our team specializes in choosing for your project needs!

Other technologies adapted to the customer's business goals

We help you to adapt technical solutions to your current needs.

Clean source code and the web development

clean source code

Who writes your code is critical. Websites and online projects are in constant flux, which can lead to massive errors if not cared for properly by web developers who know exactly what they're doing with their skillset - though this is easier said than done! Our website professionals need to quickly understand the changes made while editing or adding something new onto an already existing page. It becomes tedious when there's sloppy writing on these types of documents because you'll end up spending plenty more time trying to find answers instead then completing them, whatever task at hand has initially been expected from us (and usually nothing good comes out once we've spent too many valuable resources). "It would cheaper just start over!" - Is always one thing heard around here.

Why you should choose Lazy Ants


We know that your website is an important project for you, and we want to make sure it gets done quickly. That's why our team works as fast as possible during web design projects, so no one feels left behind or unappreciated with the wait time of their renovations/development!


We have a decade of experience working with large corporations and start-ups, both for fixed-volume web projects as well as ongoing development or maintenance.


We have been successfully operating in the IT industry for more than ten years, and we're confident that you'll never regret working with us.


We guarantee the best possible quality of your web projects. Our experts will thoroughly test any scripts and check websites for cross-browser compatibility so you can be sure that they work on all types of computers, including mobile devices!


We provide support and ongoing maintenance for web projects that we’ve developed or not. You can entrust us with optimizing security, performance, and design your website to ensure it has a successful life cycle throughout its many changes in technology - contact our team today!

How we develop the perfect web solution for you

We work with many different PHP frameworks such as Symfony, Laravel, and Sylius to create a custom solution that meets your exact needs. We take care of everything (including web hosting) for you from inception-to launch, so the entire process is seamless!

We are a seasoned web development and design company that has been in the industry for over 14 years. We have seen it all, so no project is too big or small! If you need help with your website, let us know- we'll be happy to talk through options tailored just for what YOU want to be done right now!.

How it works

Request processing

Once we've had time to gather all requirements necessary for building your website (including technical specifications), it will be possible to determine the cost required and an estimated timeline. Based on what is needed to get creative results quickly without compromising quality artistry or customer satisfaction. We're always excited to hear from potential clients, so send us an inquiry to discuss the details and share your visions! You'll want a professional tone of voice when speaking with our team.

Web development

Development is an essential part of any project. It includes building a website or app from scratch, developing various features, and fixing bugs to meet your requirements fully! To do this, we must ensure that all processes are completed on time. Hence, you receive what was promised in return for using our services which means taking steps early enough before completing them later down the line when someone else might have already done some work themselves if it weren’t stopped sooner rather than later. The development includes everything related: development builds websites/apps; fixes errors found during testing (this also applies when upgrading); upgrades databases if necessary - and migrations


Your website is designed and developed with careful attention to even the most minor details. After development, intensive QA testing ensures that everything works smoothly on your site - from sign-in methods all of the ways through page load speed!

Delivery of the project

When we're ready to take your website live, we'll be right there with the final touches. We never modify our work without confirmation from customers and only deliver what's approved for release in a professional tone of voice that will set them at ease when it comes time for launch.

Our pricing models

Fixed price

Smaller projects need a simple website with precise, defined requirements and only enough content for 50 pages or less (websites explicitly designed as an MVP).

T&M (time and documents)

T&M (time and documents) is best suited for medium-term projects or those that require a high degree of flexibility in their requirements. We offer flexible pricing models to fit your needs. We also have Enterprise Web Solutions with complex integrations available if you're looking at long-term solutions (websites contain 200+ pages).

T&M with an upper limit

For projects that have a limited budget, flexibility and creativity are key. We provide T&M with upper limit price models to suit your needs - from Startups through SaaS products!

What makes us different from any other web development agency?

We are specialized

We specialize in providing high-quality, branded assets for our clients. We do this by offering only the services we know how to deliver. UI/UX design and full-stack development with conversion optimization expertise when needed!

We are focused on results

The work we do for organizations is essential because it helps them achieve their goals. Our goal isn't just to make pretty designs but rather to create solutions that solve real problems and change industries through innovation!

We are flexible

We take our customer experience seriously, which is why we limit the number of customers who can access your account at any given time. Expect a response from us within hours - not days!

We go the extra mile

We develop and train our customers in digital best practices because we view contracts as relationships rather than supplier agreements.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions & answers

Web development agencies should offer their clients more than just an essential website. They need innovative designs coupled with cutting-edge technology so that customers can have access. No matter what device they use or how much data capability there is on the client's plan, it will satisfy both parties equally well into perpetuity!

Web development services are a great way to design and develop all types of web-based software.

Lazy Ants is here for you. We'll start by analyzing your needs and requirements, then choose the most suitable model from our extensive inventory of excavation equipment to get started with development!

The time it takes to complete your website is dependent on the type of order and what content needs are being fulfilled. We will do all we can within these parameters, but sometimes things happen that force us into an extension or delay - such as waiting for pages from you!

We require a 30% deposit at the project start, with monthly payments after that.

Your company will have its dedicated developers working 160 hours every month on your project. You get an IT infrastructure already set up for you, so all the work needs to be done by these professionals!

The cost of your website is not something that should be overlooked. The more information you give us, the better estimate we will have to create one from scratch and make sure it meets all requirements!

The process of hiring developers for your project is essentially dependant on the complexity and requirements. If you want an affordable solution, it would be best to hire one or two freelancers who specialize in this area instead of having a whole team dedicated to just design/development work. In contrast, high-complexity projects require more people to complete their tasks successfully without any delays.

We're not just a website design company. We also create custom applications and mobile apps for our clients tailored to their specific needs!


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