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Lazy Ants QA service will provide you with qualified software testing to improve your project. Our specialists will diligently ensure your product functions ideally and become better, meeting your customers’ needs.
We develop software to meet your expectations and do our best to exceed them. Cause we at Lazy Ants know that the highest quality leads to more satisfied clients. Due to our best quality assurance software, we can fulfil projects of any difficulty on time and within the budget.

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QA services

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When we talk about QA outsourcing, that means giving you complete control of all the software quality aspects. It will also simplify an initial estimate of requirements at the start of your project and bring valuable information about customers’ impressions.

Our experienced software QA company offers you testing services for web solutions and mobile apps. Our specialists will work with all the aspects of your project, starting with functionality and security. With Lazy Ants, you may relax and focus on your business while we care for your software quality.

Whether you own a small firm or lead a big company, start a brand-new project, or plan to scale the existing one - we are ready to help!

How does the work go?

QA projects

As soon as you turn to us, we create an individual strategy for your project. The working process contains several primary stages, which will help us ensure that we haven’t missed a single detail.

  • We are collecting your requirements.
  • We are creating a test plan.
  • Test execution, reporting.
  • We are fixing defects verification.
  • Regression testing.
  • We are checking test deliverables.
  • We are reporting the final results.

Our software testing services include:

Following a brief list of services, our company can offer. A key to a successful project is not focusing on a single aspect but offering a complex solution.

Functional testing

These tests are aimed to make sure your software works quickly and correctly. Whatever your goal is, we will know how to achieve it.

Usability testing

Your users are our priority. We think about how they interact with your product and thoroughly look for possible troubles - uncomfortable interface, confusing design, or weak performance. Then we come up with the best decisions on how to fix them.

Security testing

Our engineers will make a full assessment to find out the weak spots of your software, give you all the necessary recommendations and increase your product’s security.

Performance testing

Is your product ready to deal with customer flow? Our QA experts will determine how loaded your app is and what may slow it down. When the time comes to scale your application, we will continue testing to prevent any failures as you grow.

Compatibility testing

Lazy Ants specialists will check whether your software works correctly on various devices, databases, browsers, and screen resolutions. You will get a complete picture of how hardware influences your software.

Test automation

Our automation QA engineers will provide you with an effective solution for solving time-consuming manual tasks. Many monotonous manual tests will be replaced with a quick and straightforward automatical process.

Why are Lazy Ants your best choice?


Our team unites the best developers, QA engineers, designers, project- and product managers who know exactly how to bring your business to the next level.


You'll know exactly what you're paying for when we deliver the best services at a fair price. We believe in long-term business relationships and make sure that our prices are transparent, so there can be no question of unfairness or jacking up costs later on down the line.

Flexible approach

Our specialists will adapt their working process specifically for your project, use the latest technologies, and fulfil the tasks, saving your costs and time.


QA engineers from Lazy Ants can work on your project from its very start and maintain it as you level up your business. Save yourself many costs, time, and stress with our services.

The best solution for your business

There is no place for low quality in the IT world. We at Lazy Ants measure our success with your success! Our quality assurance experts will ensure that your product meets the highest expectations.

Contact us for a quick consultation right now and start making your product better!

FAQ - Frequently asked questions & answers

The software development process is a complex one with many different steps, each of which can impact the final product. Quality assurance refers to those activities - monitoring, measuring, evaluating, and validating- that ensure these processes are being used properly throughout all stages so there will be no bugs in your program!

Quality assurance is essential to the success of any software product. Without proper testing, you will likely end up with an unfinished or poorly functioning product which may lead to frustration on your part and the potential loss in revenue for lost time spent developing what could have been done better elsewhere.

The test plan is a crucial element of the software development process. It details how each function will be tested and ensures that your product has been proven to work across all areas, which means more confidence when releasing it into production!

The importance of usability can not be overstated. A software product with poor function and user experience will lose appeal in the market or even become obsolete for some applications altogether, so it's essential to make sure your programs offer an intuitive interface that is easy as well. This passage discusses how important ensuring high-quality surfacings are through testing ideas to determine if something has potential before investing time into developing more features which could lead nowhere due to gainers' evil designs.

Mistakes happen. Even simple software applications usually consist of many lines, each with its set-up instructions that are largely independent of one another in terms of how they interact within an overall system framework (i e some behave like variables). When these components don't integrate well together, it can lead to errors and much more severe problems such as bugs, which may require you to update your entire application if just 1 line has been changed!

The most comprehensive testing of websites is conducted by professional software testers who use automated tools to evaluate the functionality and system compatibility. They compare what they see with expectations, while complex sites can be tested using manual efforts in the future too!

Software quality is an essential aspect of product development that ensures the end-user experience meets expectations.

Regression testing is an essential part of the development process that ensures no new errors are created due to corrections made during previous tests. It allows developers to see if their code has been correctly implemented and fix any problems before releasing updates for public consumption.

Testers who test the beta version of a software application are known as "beta testers." They may be professionals or people in touch with developers and designers on behalf of their audience.

Lazy Ants charges by the hour. The cost of testing an application is based on how many hours are required to test it adequately, and they're always available for you!

Lazy Ants is a software company that believes in working with all of our clients to help them achieve their goals. Our work spans many industries, but it would be education if we could pick just one. Because there's always more than meets the eye-a lot like how even when you think your business may have everything planned out ahead and done on paper before deadlines arrive or challenges arise, they don't know what will come up next!

Lazy Ants is all about getting the work done quickly and efficiently. We don't set a minimum or maximum duration for jobs since some projects only last one day while others can go on for years!





We can often get your tests done within hours if you need them for a time-critical project.



Crash errors in your app can significantly impact the user experience. Crash Crash Error Box will make it easier for you to find and fix these pesky bugs!

Lazy Ants charges by the hour. Therefore, larger websites take more time to test and cost accordingly, but it isn't a per page charge like other companies.

Lazy Ants can test any augmented reality application that you throw at them!

Of course! You can pick the testing services that are most convenient for you, and we will provide quotes on just those activities.

Yes, regularly.
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