Sylius E-Commerce Development

We offer our customers worldwide customized development services for Sylius shopping carts with high-quality standards and result-oriented solutions. Our skilled team will help you build your e-commerce site quickly, efficiently so that it's both beautiful and functional!

Sylius development and dedicated teams

Sylius Agency

We at Lazy Ants, with our e-commerce development service that opens up a world of possibilities for precise customization using the highest quality code, if you are starting an online business or your company needs to start selling goods through websites, then having access to expert Sylius developers can make all those differences in minutes! Our specialists will help build them quickly and easily without sacrificing functionality thanks to their highly customizable technology, which is cutting edge enough yet easy on resources.

Sylius is the latest e-commerce solution based on the world's most popular web application language - PHP. It has excellent performance and supports both modern versions, including 7 & 8, which are fast for even better results! In addition, we offer extensive experience using the Symfony framework, which makes us strong enough to handle challenging projects like Sylius' development requirements; this allows you peace of mind knowing your site will function smoothly no matter what challenges arise in the future.

Lazy-Ants offers customized Sylius e-commerce development services that include strategy development, feature implementation, and more to help businesses increase revenue. Our solutions meet a wide range of client requirements while adhering to excellent quality standards and on-time completion dates!

Customers expect a personalized, high-quality experience when browsing e-commerce sites. With increased choice and information available through digital channels today, there's no better time than ever for retailers who put effort into crafting an optimized user interface (UX).

Sylius is taking over the e-commerce world with its innovative features.

Why choose Sylius

We're a leadingtechnology partner for Sylius development, and our experienced developers always deliver result-oriented solutions to customers. We work as part of an efficient team so you can extend your remote workforce without compromising on quality compared with competitors' web apps built using the framework from scratch!

A business without an online storefront is like a car with no engine. The Sylius Development team will offer fantastic features that help optimize your operations, support various payment gateways and provide you with creative web design for an online store of any size! Choose us to run faster in this market by connecting our clients' current systems seamlessly.

Sylius is a next-generation open source e-commerce solution with everything you need to run your business. It's based on the renowned Symfony framework and fast, flexible technology so that it can be tailored for any online store from fashion accessories to construction equipment or even wine bottles:

  • Catalog Management
  • Effective marketing tools
  • SEO friendly e-store
  • Mobile compatible e-commerce
  • Shipment tracking
  • User account creation
  • Sale with one click
  • Order management
  • Site management
  • Checkout, Payment

Our Sylius Development Services solutions

We select e-commerce platforms that are sure to meet your needs and wants. These versatile, robust systems can be customized for any business type to provide a professional output tone of voice at all times!

With our experience and expertise, we enable fascinating software design for your online store. We can also help you integrate the Sylius platform to improve customer experiences while generating more revenue from ads to generate business growth.

Solution for theme design and integration

Lazy Ants can help you breathe new life into your website with their expertise in designing and redesigning all new themes. They'll also make it easy for them to integrate seamlessly onto any existing site, giving that fresh look again!

Sylius Mobile Commerce Solutions

Sylius mobile e-commerce solutions

Our Sylius mobile commerce solutions are the ideal solution for a seamless experience. From browsing through product selection to checkout, our developments provide an optimized shopping journey that adapts with all popular devices in use today- from smartphones and tablets alike!

  • Sylius to Android application implementation
  • Implementation for Sylius to iOS applications
  • Sylius e-commerce mobile development (for apps)
  • Development of Sylius PWA
  • Web applications and Sylius backend development
  • mobile apps. Sylius AMP accelerated page development
  • mobile integration of mobile wallets into the Sylius Store

Features of the ultimate Sylius e-commerce platform


The customer's experience on your website will be faster and more pleasant. Your Google metrics also improve, meaning that you're ranking higher in searches for related terms!


The flexibility and expandable features of the system mean you don't need expensive hosting to scale your offering.


An e-commerce platform is a powerful tool that can be customized to meet your needs.

First class features

Sylius e-commerce comes to life with our extensive range of features, allowing you to build a more efficient and more accessible shopping experience.

What we offer

Good business relations

We believe in delivering only the best possible solutions by working together and building long-term relationships with you to achieve your business goals.

Excellent communication

Your satisfaction is always our top priority. We'll keep you informed about the progress of your project throughout, and we can't wait until it's finished so that YOU can enjoy its results!

Quick response time

When you contact us, your needs come first. We're always happy to help and make sure that we quickly get back with a solution - whether by email, phone, or in person!

High quality work

We won't just meet your high standards. We work to exceed them and provide the best quality service possible for all of our valued customers, no matter what they're looking for!

Extensive experience

We're a team that specializes in working with brands from all over. We've worked on projects for companies ranging anywhere between e-commerce and finance, tourism, or education - you name it!

We help you to success

We know that your success is our priority. With solid skills, experience, and passion for what we do, along with quick communication between ourselves, you'll be able to focus on running the day-to-day operations of your business in a way that makes sure it's growing steadily without any hiccups or obstacles!

FAQ - Frequently asked questions & answers

Sylius has a wide range of typical customers, start-ups, and medium-sized companies.

Sylius offers a variety of features to help you create an online store. It can customize the website for any device, and its responsive design means that it will always look good on your computer or phone!

We can help you develop a custom solution for your Sylius needs. We offer many different services, including UX/UI design, plugin development, and payment integration with the platform!

We at Lazy Ants pride ourselves on delivering the best Sylius development services to our clients. We have a team of skilled and dedicated developers who work with you to meet your requirements, no matter how challenging they may seem! We can help make sure everything goes as planned from start to finish by providing personalized input into each stage's process - all under one roof (or rather two). Our experience will give us an edge when it comes time for website design or app building.

We believe in providing support and maintenance services for our customers after delivering a product or service. We want to be sure that they will have an easy time using their new development, which can help them grow more successful with less hassle on your end!


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