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Why choose Angular development services?

Angular is an open-source JavaScript framework originally developed and actively supported by Google. Following the best development patterns and practices of the framework, Lazy Ants builds robust and secure solutions that attract your customers and deliver the best user experience.It makes Angular development the first choice for reliable real-time single-page apps and frontend web and mobile apps development (with Ionic).

Angular services in detail

MEAN stack

Angular is the frontend component of the MEAN stack, that stands for MongoDB database, Express.js web application server framework, Angular, and Node.js runtime environment. All of them are open source and use JavaScript. So they can be easily integrated with each other to deliver web applications quickly and easily.

Short-term support

Being developed by Google, Angular is an extremely stable framework with strong support among the development community. Its high adoption rate ensures receiving constant updates and makes Angular a perfect choice for long-term projects.


Angular is greatly extensible and works seamlessly with other libraries. Every application feature can be customized to meet your specific requirements.


Angular is created with app testability in mind from the ground up. It encourages writing easy-to-test code and provides end-to-end testing scenario environment. Applications built with Angular are distinguished through their bug-free code and stable operation on delivery.

MVC design

Model-view-controller (MVC) design is a widely used development pattern due to its support for swift and parallel workflow. The Angular MVC architecture ensures faster app development, easier maintenance, and higher SEO-friendliness.

Two-way Data Binding

With two-way data binding, the UI of the apps made with Angular automatically updates once the data model changes as well as the other way round. The beauty of data binding is that it eliminates the need for DOM manipulation, thus coming as a great timesaver during the software development process.

Why choose Angular at Lazy Ants

Lazy Ants has been actively using Angular since 2010. The framework enables our development team to provide innovative and creative custom solutions for small, medium and large-scale enterprises.

  • On-time delivery.We strictly comply with the established deadlines while maintaining the highest level of software quality.
  • ISO 9001 certified.Lazy Ants is an ISO 9001:2008 certified Angular development company.
  • Best methodologies.We are flexible in providing our clients with the software development approach that suits their requirements, timeline, and budget in the best way.
  • Warranty.Lazy Ants is dedicated to ensuring the solutions work perfectly during their lifecycle. That is why all products come with the warranty, further support, and maintenance under service level agreements (SLA).
  • Flexible business models.We offer various engagement models to meet your specific needs such as Dedicated teams, Time and Materials or Fixed Time / Cost project model.
  • Expertise in Angular programming.With 52 Angular projects already on the market, our Angular developers are well-versed in the latest Angular versions (1.5+) to ensure the delivery of feature-packed and efficient applications.

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