Get to the point with our full-stack Elasticsearch development services. We are a full-stack Elasticsearch agency and provide a solution that is tailored to your exact needs!

An overview of Elasticsearch

What Elasticsearch offers

Elasticsearch is an open-source, real-time search engine built on Apache Lucene. It's simple and freely available with many benefits such as being fast for users to absorb without any overwhelming features set or complexity. It can be easily extended to create new ways around the possibilities offered by its framework, which could lead to some cool stuff down the line!

  • Transaction monitoring
  • Performing a search
  • Error search
  • Track down content
  • Analyze logs
  • Fuzzy search
  • Aggregation of uniform data
  • Data visualization

The advantages of Elasticsearch

Elasticsearch Agency
  • Elasticsearch is a powerful and versatile search engine that can be scaled to meet the demands of even larger companies.
  • Thanks to the elasticity of this search engine, users can store and process large amounts of data at high speeds.
  • Searching for data in a database can be time-consuming and laborious. However, Elasticsearch's query DSL makes this process much less tedious by allowing users to perform full text searches on stored records without having first had to extract them from their original storage location!
  • The data is stored in one common format to make processing easier.
  • The elasticsearch option is powerful because it allows for data aggregation.
  • The filter function of Elasticsearch is much faster than other SQL systems. This powerful option allows you to aggregate your data quickly and easily, which can be handy if there are large numbers or types involved with certain fields!
  • Elasticsearch is a powerful and flexible search engine that allows users to build highly complex filters, using factors such as processing logs or anomaly detection. These calculations can be done automatically with the help of certain “ intelligent” suggestions - all based on your input!
  • The data can be read in from many sources, whether it is structured or unstructured.

Lazy Ants - Elasticsearch development agency

We offer Elasticsearch development for search and analytics applications using the most powerful open source technology. Our customers are from Europe, USA and Australia!

Set up the cluster

We work with you to design and build a fault-tolerant cluster for your Elasticsearch application that is scalable, high performance. We base our designs on current usage trends and data growth rates, so it's easy to maintain in the future!


We have a team of experts who provide performance tuning and system monitoring, adjusting application behavior or server configuration as needed.


When it comes to maintaining an application, we've got you covered. Our DevOps team will monitor your system and quickly diagnose any potential problems, so they don't cause significant headaches down the road or waste precious time fixing something that isn't broken yet but just needs some attention as soon as possible!

Search services review

We use a multi-faceted approach to help you find the best index designs, filters, and structures that will work for your app. Our Elasticsearch developers can assist in developing applications with multiple tenants or support improving existing ones, so they're more efficient than ever before!

Performance and scalability verification

We create fast and scalable document searches for your applications. Our development services enable multi-tenancy support to help you monetize the app easily.

Checking the data load

We've solved the query loading and data loss problem by designing a solution that allows you to load millions of documents into Elasticsearch without slowing down, crashing, or losing any information.

Structure for fault tolerance in the event of a disaster

We ensure that the application we provide you with is ready for any emergency by reviewing the IT architecture and providing solutions for backup and replication.

ELK stack implementation

If you're struggling to find the right technical approach for managing your data, we offer a way of developing and implementing search performance according to each customer's unique requirements.

Logging and log analysis

Why use Grep when you can search with elasticsearch? Learn about the many benefits of using this tool, including analyzing your logs and optimizing them for easier viewing.

Full text search

Full-text search gives you access to all the information in your database, not just what's displayed, beautiful navigation with a relevant engine that understands how users think. You can also do searches by expression or phrase, so there are no limits on creativity! When using full-text searching, ensure it is enabled for each field because this will result in greater accuracy when matching terms against values within input data items.

Data visualization and dashboards

With our interactive dashboards, you'll be able to see the data in a way that is both insightful and beautiful. The layout of each dashboard will allow for quick interpretation with intelligent use based on whichever analytical tools best suit your needs at any given moment!

More information about Elasticsearch

Areas of application for Elasticsearch

With the help of Kibana, you can easily visualize and report on your data. Kunzite's integrated visualization system makes it much easier for users to understand what they're looking at, whether charts or tables with numbers in them!

The ELK stack is a powerful tool in the world of Big Data, and it's no wonder that Elasticsearch has become one of those few technologies people know by name. The integration with Logstash allows users to quickly process their source data before loading into an index on your ES server - this way, they can search through all sorts of information without having any issues or headaches!

The Elastic cluster is a robust and scalable database that can manage large amounts of data, even for petabytes. It's offered in most popular languages such as PHP, .NET, Python or Java with options to choose from when it comes time for your application needs - whether those be e.g. in case of php through Laravel or Symfony back-end!

Lazy Ants uses the ELK stack for a variety of reasons. For example, our product cataloging webstore client project provided search and advanced filtering features that helped them keep track of who had bought what from when without having to log into individual files or databases with spreadsheets as tracking data!

Some of our recent use cases have been:

  • Store product catalogs and enable searching and advanced filtering within them.
  • Store document and file content and metadata, create advanced filters, search and aggregations on them.
  • Reading system logs from various sources and visualizing them in Kibana to identify problems.

How many documents do you have in your company's technical library? A lot, right. Well, that is because hundreds of companies use Elasticsearch to store and search their documentation - they hold billions upon blocks worth!

Using Elasticsearch, databases can be quickly and easily sorted to provide an accurate search for any information needed. The use of modern document indexing technology enables speedy responses with low-latency queries across large volumes or typesets - all while maintaining high-performance intensive searches where customized results are required!

ELK Stack

The ELK Stack is a family of open-source software products that can aggregate logs from different systems and applications, analyze them visually with Kibana or Logstash, respectively, then combine everything into one dashboard.


Elasticsearch is an open-source, RESTful protocol that allows you to store and query data in no time at all. With its lightweight architecture for quick responses with minimal overhead, it can save your business from endless hours spent searching or waiting on slow databases!


Logstash is an open-source, server-side data processing pipeline that sends logs and events to a central location for accurate time analysis.


Kibana is a simple and easy-to-use interface that allows you to search, analyze, visualize data stored in the Elasticsearch index. With Kibaana's advanced features such as filters &DP (Data Processing) functionalities, it performs on-the-fly analysis with charts/maps of your choice, making visualization fun!


If you're looking for a way to quickly and easily send your log data into Elasticsearch, then Beats is exactly what you need! They'll automate the process by simply installing an agent on one or more servers to make this happen automatically.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions & answers

The power of Еlasticsearch lies in its ability to be highly customizable. The best way to use it is when your text search needs exceed what a traditional RDBMS can offer because they don't have the same level of flexibility that's needed by certain types of queries, such as those involving large volumes and complex data formats like JSON objects!

Elasticsearch has various built-in security features that protect your data and manage who can access it. You don't have to pay anything extra for these options!

We build solutions for you with a step-by-step process to ensure that your project is completed on time and within budget while getting an efficient solution.

Elasticsearch indeed has a latency from indexing to search of about one second. This means you can ask your questions and get real answers almost instantly!

We know that you won't be satisfied with just any old solution, and we're here to help make sure your needs are met. If anything after the project has been completed, feel free to get back in touch!

Elasticsearch is a freely available open-source software. You can try it for free, but if you want more features and plugins, paid versions come with their price tag, though!

The differences between Elasticsearch Service and Amazon's AWS-based service are significant. For one, if you use the latter, then your data is stored on their servers. However, with an elastic search based around this technology, there will be no need for any third-party services because everything happens within its system, which means faster response time and increased security due to not having outside interference unless it spreads!

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