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We provide integrated technology solutions that support your business and facilities. We manage multi-faceted initiatives, bridging the gap between projects in construction to keep operations focused on post-commissioning activities too!

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Technology consulting - IT consulting

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Technology consulting

Lazy Ants is an innovative technology consulting service. We have a team of experts specializing in delivering comprehensive services, starting with project management and ending at delivery of your finished product or solution tailored to meet all requirements - including quality standards that exceed industry expectations!

Analytics and information management

We design and build technology-based solutions for customers:

  • Improved management information
  • Analytic applications
  • Dynamic data management
  • Storage architectures
  • Portals and content delivery
  • Document and dataset management

Enterprise Applications

With the rise of digitization, market entry barriers are becoming lower. This enables our customers to easily overcome complex business transformations by using innovative solutions from the Lazy Ants team!

IT delivery capability

We're here to help you get the most out of your IT investments. Whether it's a new solution or an expanded portfolio, we have what you need!

We're here to help you take control of your change program so that it runs smoothly from beginning, middle, and end. Our team will be with you every step along the way to identify what needs changing about how things work now before getting started on implementing those improvements!

  • Digital strategy
  • Mobile and social web
  • Content Management
  • Managed Services

As innovative market leaders in the fields of Web solutions and mobile apps, Web design, Custom Software and SaaS Development we are proud to put our world-class knowledge and resources to work for your business.

Cyber Risk Services

Cybersecurity is a top priority for many businesses, and we can help you keep your business safe. With our security services across the board - from boardrooms to data centers- it's easy not to worry about potential pitfalls when working digitally nowadays!

Technical strategy and architecture

Our in-depth expertise and industry knowledge are what sets us apart from other IT consulting firms. We offer our clients an opportunity to develop cutting-edge technological considerations through technology-based design, procure or deliver change programs on time for success!

Software consulting

Software development consulting

To achieve financial and operational goals, it's essential for a company or an organization in business management software consulting. This will help them focus on what they need most: technological insights from experts who know how best to use these toolsets!

Lazy Ants offers a unique blend of technology and analytical tools to help you build, transform processes in line with your company's capabilities or enhance existing ones.


After evaluating your business, our team will help you identify bottlenecks. We use data collection and analysis to pinpoint non-invasive ways to assist without disrupting workflows.


We take a lot of care in choosing the best solution for our clients. We evaluate risks, costs, and benefits before settling on an actionable plan that includes frameworks, technologies & implementation methodology to make sure it's well thought out with you as a customer!


Your deliverables may include roadmaps, SRSs ( Scope Risk Schedule), presentations outlining project scope and risks. These are followed by measurable physical characteristics of your product and qualitative ones so that we can accurately assess its quality before going into production or release.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions & answers

Technology consultants are a crucial asset to any company, as they can guide you through the maze of information technology and help make sure that your systems run efficiently. In addition, techies often manage or implement strategies for their clients' businesses--making these experts in all things IT!

The software consultant is the key to managing all of an organization's technology content. Digital records like emails and files stored within databases - even assets usually not associated with computers can fall under this classification! The job involves the moderate and effective use of various types, such as web codes or websites; document management systems (DMS).

To ensure your business is up-to-date with the latest software, a consultant will sit down and learn about what you need from them. They'll also help troubleshoot any technical issues that arise during their work on updating or designing systems for websites!

There's a lot of difference between being an analyst and developing software. With consultants, you mainly deal with people instead of technology but still need strong coding skills to do well in that role! Developers spend most of their time-solving problems while Consultants interact more than they document or clarify requirements - it takes both analytical mindsets for success, though.

Technical consultants are an integral part of any company's infrastructure. They help to improve efficiency by providing information technology support, including implementing hardware and software solutions and troubleshooting technical problems with servers or other devices connected through the network. A Technical Consultant's responsibilities include installing new programs on their workstation for testing purposes before they assist elsewhere to ensure that all systems operate smoothly throughout a business' operation.

Advisors give advice and recommendations to others on what they should do. Advisors can be either male or female, but it's usually the case that advisors will provide more personal service than just selling products - they'll work with you one-on-one until your financial situation is figured out!
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