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Cloud & DevOps Solutions

Cloud Platform Expertise

Cloud software development

Lazy Ants provides a team of dedicated developers and DevOps engineers specializing in the three most popular cloud platforms - AWS, Azure & Google Cloud. We can assist you with migration projects or even build your entire infrastructure from scratch!

Lazy Ants is a company that specializes in cloud consulting. They have deep expertise for all three major providers: Amazon Web Services, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. With their team of talented developers and DevOps engineers, they can work with pipelines and build new services like Kubernetes clusters that automate processes to focus on what's important-your business!

Managed services are an excellent way for your company to take advantage of expert management and continuous improvement. This includes hosting support and proactive consulting that maximizes system efficiency while minimizing potential downtime in the workplace or customer experience!

Dedicated DevOps teams

Lazy Ants is a well-established company that offers digital consulting and support for all your needs. We're available 24 hours per day, seven days per week, because we know how integral it is to have an operational business run smoothly!

To support international e-commerce, we have dedicated DevOps teams around the world. This means that the usual challenges in rolling out and maintaining a multilingual website are solved as they arise.

Automation is a crucial player for many businesses, and it's easy to see why. Our teams can help your team reduce human error rates using scalable automation solutions that increase productivity- without wasting time on administration or management! This means you'll provide better customer service by having more knowledgeable employees who are also free from other distractions such as email inboxes full of unread messages. Аll so they can focus solely on their job at hand - making YOU look good in front of an increasing number of clients every day.

Scalable cloud solutions

Lazy Ants provides a bridge between development and operations, with consulting to help you choose the best cloud infrastructure for your needs. They offer full-stack services and continuous integration & delivery pipelines needed in today's fast-paced world of business. Provisioning code-driven servers to be agile enough when market changes occur or disruptions strike our ecosystem.

Advantages of DevOps

Improve operational efficiency

By doing this, we ensure that the code base is constantly tested and verified.

Strengthen your teams

DevOps practices are a natural fit for organizations that want to be more agile. They allow teams and businesses of all sizes the flexibility needed when it comes down to innovating, adapting, or changing course quickly to stay competitive.

Faster operation

Gain an advantage with proven DevOps strategies that can help you deploy new processes, systems, and applications faster.

Improving customer experience

Be the hero of your company by delivering a fantastic customer experience. A DevOps program is an excellent way to solve any problems you may have and provide customers with what they want most- a great time!

Cloud-native DevOps

Take advantage of cloud-native technologies such as containers, microservices, and serverless capabilities built with DevOps principles. These are all designed to make developers' lives easier by removing the burden from them to focus on what matters most - code!

What we do

We support our customers in the following core areas, among others:

Cloud services

  • Cloud Architecture Design
  • Cloud Readiness Assessment
  • Cloud-Migration
  • Managed Cloud Services
  • Cloud consulting


  • Serverless architecture
  • Serverless maintenance
  • Serverless consulting


  • DevOps services
  • DevOps Audit
  • Managed DevOps Services
  • DevOps Support
  • DevOps Consulting

Infrastructure as code

  • Infrastructure automation
  • Infrastructure as code implementation in der Cloud
  • Infrastructure as code implementation On-Premises


  • Continious integration (CI) implementation
  • Continious delivery (CD) implementation
  • CI/CD Consulting

Container orchestration

  • Container orchestration in the cloud and on-premises
  • Container management services
  • Security evaluation and Hardening
  • Kubernetes managed services

Log management and monitoring

  • Log Management
  • Monitoring
  • Reporting
  • Alerting

FAQ - Frequently asked questions & answers

DevOps is an approach to software engineering that brings together developers and operational staff for rapid, continuous delivery.

The benefits of DevOps include shorter product delivery times, more frequent releases that meet business goals, and higher reliability in line with your organization's standards.

The DevOps toolchain is made up of code, builds, tests, and packages released onto the infrastructure. This process includes continuous integration with an eye on environmental stability too!

Lazy Ants uses various tools and platforms to make sure their DevOps implementation is successful. We use Jenkins, TeamCity, and Travis for automation.

If you're a company that values speed, ease of use, and improved security, then the DevOps deployment pipeline is precisely what you're looking for. The goals are to ensure faster frequency in releases and decrease defect rates on new features or maintenance updates which results in shorter recovery times after installing them onto production environments.

Lazy Ants specializes in a well-defined DevOps implementation process that incorporates the agile principles of close collaboration between customers, product management, and developers. Assessment is critical for Lazy Ants as we want to make sure everything's going smoothly before rolling out their service offering nationwide!

Lazy Ants uses a DevOps framework that follows standard practices for continuous business planning, collaborative development, and software deployment, with tests done at every stage to optimize customer feedback.

With DevOps, developers and operations people work together to improve developing software. But what about security? That's where DevSecOps comes into play! This new model integrates both sides' perspectives on risk management - understanding how we can collaborate more effectively and identifying potential problems before anything goes wrong, so you don't have any nasty surprises later down this chain.

IT professionals recognize that to create sustainable, high-quality products and services, they need help from other departments. The rise of DevOps culture is helping break down barriers between operations teams so everyone can work more efficiently together!

DevSecOps is a concept that promises to improve security by integrating it into all phases of the process chain. This addition will allow DevOps organizations greater control and insight, making them more secure in their endeavors while also providing an essential supplement for processes within these groups.

You can measure your ROI with DevOps by evaluating quality and performance metrics. The numbers show that high-performing organizations reduce time spent on unplanned work with a 20% decrease in total cost per month while achieving twice as many deployment frequency200 times each! This is where businesses will grow exponentially if appropriately implemented into daily operations.

One of the most difficult challenges in implementing DevOps is overcoming the cultural balance between development and operations teams. This can be achieved by including database applications specialists (DBAs) during release cycles. Also, creating holistic views within an organization for software delivery eliminates possible silos across these two groups. It helps do sustainable practices across all levels or processes involved with value chain creation - 60% better than those without!

Lazy Ants is an innovative company specializing in services for the digital age. We offer everything from assessment and planning all of the ways through production, including pilot framework creation process implementation CI/CD pipelines automated pipeline security integration with other technologies like containers or virtual machines, among others!

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