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Node.js is a server-side JavaScript that can generate top-quality web applications and was born in 2009. Yet, it has become an inevitable need for all developers over the years since then thanks to its use of V8 Engine, which Google developed specifically with Chrome browser in mind but now runs on Node apps because this open-source product lets you do whatever your imagination desires without giving up performance or stability!

Node.js is a platform that provides high scalability and performance, making it great for developing applications such as interactive games or online chats with huge concurrency needs in mind! Our customers rely on us to help them build these powerful tools with their projects - which means you can too if Lazy Ants has what you need.

Technology stack

Node.js is a powerful tool that allows you to develop websites and applications with ease using one of the many libraries available on top, as well as its built-in features such as modularity which makes it easier for different parts or modules within an application - front end - to talk directly without having any middlemen like databases getting in their way. The technological stack consists of three core pillars: frontend coding through HTML5 technologies; backend programming involving APIs related languages including JavaScript-based Expressions.

Lazy Ants is a company that specializes in web and mobile applications. We believe reinventing the wheel isn't necessary to follow along with what already exists. Still, our developers instead use creativity to develop new ways of doing things - something much more interesting than sticking solely within established parameters!

Our Node.js development services

Node.js web development

When you need a web designer, look no further than Lazy Ants. We have the best Node developers who can help make your app stand out from others and provide value for years to come!

Node.js plugin development

We are an agency that specializes in Node.js development, with experience creating plugins for any purpose you need them! Whether data-intensive or real-time applications - our experienced developers can do the job right and make sure your application does what it is supposed to do without crashing on load times alone.

Node.js API development

With our help, you can focus on what matters most - developing innovative solutions that are powerful yet easy to use. We provide core API design support for various platforms without sacrificing performance or flexibility with Node apps!

Node.js custom development

Lazy Ants always excels in custom development, as our Node.js developers and management team towards innovation and creativity with a modern web or mobile solution that integrates the best of Node.js.

Node.js e-commerce development

Lazy Ants is a company that specializes in e-commerce development. No matter what your project may be, their NodeJS developers are ready to take on the challenge and deliver quality results for you!

Node.js maintenance and support

Your Node.js development is our priority, and we'll be there to support you around the clock with customer service as well!

Optimal projects for Node.js development

Node.js projects

Node.js is a fast, efficient way to develop data-intensive apps that can also handle high traffic levels with ease; this makes it an excellent choice for creating Internet of Things (IoT) or real-time applications where responsiveness matters most!

Node.js is a perfect match for developing apps that require frequent interactions between the browser and server because it allows these changes to happen in real-time, which keeps your site up toup-to-date with new content or user actions immediately after they occur on either end of this connection (server-side).

In addition, Node.js can implement microservices for tracking and other functions of geographically distributed systems used in IoT. This technology's real-time capabilities make it popular among those building apps or devices that need rapid responses from the outside world with minimal latency issues - all while being able to process data quickly without breaking down due to less bandwidth than traditional networks might allow them to!

Node.js is a perfect fit for apps that need to handle large data loads and process many client-side requests at once, making it great when you want your application's user interface (UI) responsiveness high enough, so they don't get frustrated with slow page refreshes or timing out on inputs while browsing through information during their session online.

When NOT to use Node.js

Node.js is a powerful tool that can be used for many things. Still, it should only act as another layer of code on top of what you are already doing in your web browser or wherever else this may apply - image editing and video/audio mixing don't seem like they'd work best with Node!

The Node.js server has been a popular choice for developing AI-based applications, but it's not always best suited to the task at hand. It can even complicated matters when you need an app with minimal overhead from computer vision or machine listening capabilities.

Node.js allows full-stack JavaScript development

JavaScript is often used for developing websites, IoT devices, and other real-time applications. Node JS provides the perfect balance of performance to interactivity by allowing you to write your code once then deploy it on multiple platforms with ease!

Disadvantages of Node.js

When not to use Node.js

There are some drawbacks to Node.js development, but those can be overlooked when you take into account all the benefits that come with using this technology in your business or startup's workflow!

Developers building web applications need to be aware that a single-thread operating system is not suitable for handling complex computations. The reason behind this? Once an incoming request enters the event loop, it prevents other pending requests from completing to reduce response speed when working with large amounts of data on serverside -- primarily if a said developer will also have multiple users opening their browser tabs at once!

Third-party modules in NPM come with some disadvantages. While a wide selection can be an advantage, finding and selecting the suitable module for your project needs is also challenging. Since anyone has access rights to upload libraries or functions without any verification process involved, there's always room for error, which may result in sub-par quality output. Plus, most people go ahead upload anything they want, so it is hard sometimes even knowing what you're looking at because everything might have been done by somebody else before

FAQ - Frequently asked questions & answers

You can hire as many developers and other team members are needed to ensure the project is completed on time. We also provide a manager that will support your needs throughout this process, relieving you from stress-filled management tasks!

We don't want you to have any doubts about our developers, so we will let them show off their skills and knowledge at a video conference or in one of your technical projects.

Sure thing, we'll assign you a project manager! We know it can be difficult to work alone. So don't worry - our team will take care of everything from start to finish while guiding any necessary feedback your way along the way.

We specialize in Node.js consulting, and we'd love to help you evaluate or address any needs that come up as your project progresses!

We use agile methodologies for web application production. We start by focusing on ideas, then we move on to planning and building out projects with strict deadlines in mind so you can be sure everything will go off without a hitch!

We use Agile, Scrum, and Kanban to deliver successful projects. Our developers are familiar with the agile development approach, so they can work faster while showing high-quality results for you!

We use Jira, Confluence, and Rocket Chat for project management. We also connect our tools with clients to ensure clear communication between all parties involved in the process.

We offer two different options for outsourcing your Node.js development needs - a dedicated team or product development model, each with its strengths and drawbacks depending on the size of the project at hand!

Yes, of course! We understand that you need to maintain the security and privacy of your important data. That's why we sign confidentiality agreements with all our clients so they can share information without worry.

We use various methods to keep our clients informed throughout the project. We design processes that allow for real-time cooperation feedback and efficient communication between team members anywhere in the world!

Lazy Ants takes pride in its customer satisfaction. If you are not satisfied with the work we have done, please let us know immediately so that our team can make adjustments and fix any problems before they become worse!

Node.js is a popular application framework because it's lightweight, efficient, and highly scalable. Therefore, companies large or small choose Node to develop their app with its simple development process that offers reusable code and an excellent concurrent request control that allows fast execution of codes!

Node.js is a versatile platform that can be used for many things, from developing real-time web applications to online multiplayer games and collaboration tools.

Node.js is a better programming language than Python when developing real-time, data-intensive messaging apps and e-commerce websites. Because of its JavaScript runtime environment, which offers similar functionality but higher processing power for these types of programs that need quick responses from the server-side due in order.

Node.js developers build, deploy and maintain network applications by designing backend components to support front-end engineers connecting web-based apps through APIs (application programming interfaces).

We offer a wide range of services to help you develop your idea into reality. We can also provide the necessary support if there are any difficulties along its journey from inception through implementation - all under one roof!


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