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Our talented Android app developers understand our customers' problems and develop simple, user-friendly mobile apps for a comprehensive range of companies.

How do you benefit android app development with Lazy Ants?

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When you work with us, the goal is to make your Android app stand out from an already over-saturated market. We will achieve our agency's mission by creating user-friendly features in our development process, which provide maximum benefit for customers at last.

Full android app development service

We are passionate about developing apps for Android. We take our job not just as something in the scope of what we do but also as an addiction and hobby worth investing in all resources available: from idea-stage development through final execution process on your project's completion stage.

Driven by success

When it comes to professionalism, we value the quality of being professional in everything that we do. Our expertise and knowledge are always available to ensure your ideas come across successfully within industry standards for implementation. We have an expert team designing customized Android Ui's. You can rely on adjustments or fulfillment according to specific requirements: financial (finance), health-related(health), or gaming apps. Even if there is something unique about what you want, our developers will consider it when creating new user interface designs.

Expert management and "let's develop an app"

"How can I make my app start, run or finish successfully?" You may have questions like 'What are the best ways to do that?' "Do I need an external team of experts for each phase?". Or even more simply: "Can you help me develop a mobile application?". Our project manager will serve as connective tissue between you and our dedicated team, so there is no hassle at any stage during development - from planning through launch!

Professional developers Team

We have a dedicated team of technical developers who work hard to ensure we'll create enough apps for all devices running on Google's operating system. Their goal is to provide each user feels satisfied with what they're downloading and using from us! You can be sure that our talented Android app designers will turn your idea into a breathtaking product no one can resist.

Dedicated Android developers

Our experienced Android developers are technically savvy, having expertise in the latest version of Google's studio and library tools and Java. They also have excellent creativity to captivate users on their screens.

Our Android developers combine their expertise with your vision to create apps with top-class features, and we develop for small businesses or corporations from a variety of industries. Our vast portfolio choices are perfect when you're looking into employing an android app developer who can help bring about an idea in reality - whether it be making some changes on one specific project or creating other programs too!

Our expertise

Android agency

Our Android app development team aims to create a solid and mobile-friendly application for you. We will work together so that there's no hassle during the construction process and a better understanding of users' needs by getting feedback before releasing it publicly or otherwise making use of their input into this project in some way, shape form fashion! Here are areas where we specialize:

Android Studio

With Android Studio, developers can create applications more quickly than ever before. The best thing about it is that some features auto-magically do the work for you, so a developer has to focus on writing code and designing an app's user interface!


The strength of Flutter lies in its ability to use one code base for apps that are made on mobile devices, the internet, and even desktop. It's an open-source platform, while a primary method is used when creating these types of applications with Lazy Ants!

Material design

Material Design is a Google-created language for Android apps, which aims to provide clever features and natural movements on screen. App designers optimize the user experience through 3D effects that mimic reality in immersive GUIs created with lightning speed. They also include realistic lighting options and animations, making objects come alive within these virtual worlds!

Android Kit

Not only does the Android Kit include everything you need to develop native apps, but it also provides access tools for testing your application on multiple devices.


Java, developed in 1991 by Sun Microsystems (2010 acquired by Oracle), was released to make programmers write code once and execute on any device.


Kotlin is a statically typed programming language, which means that instead of having to specify the types of variables, you can just ask Kotlin what they are. It's an interpreted language under Java Virtual Machine, so it has the same performance as regular executing code without compromising any aspect.

Native Android App Development

iOS applications). They're fast, responsive & intuitive - perfect if you want your users' experience of using an app on mobile devices as close as possible without sacrificing responsiveness! However, these types can be more expensive when developing due to their need.

Hybrid app development

Hybrid-Apps are essentially a combination of native and web apps. A hybrid app consists of the back-end code downloaded onto your device through an online interface. This contains both server-side logic and front-end user interfaces (views). Hybrid applications can be cheaper than traditional ones if used for single platforms. Still, they require additional resources like battery life or processor speed since there's always some back-end processing happening in these application styles.

When should you choose native Android app development first?

Native Android development is the best choice for start-ups and brands with a deep understanding of their target audience. Creating an app with excellent UX or overgrowing based on user numbers is also appropriate, starting from a budget allowed by this decision.


We program in both Java and Kotlin. We use the language because it has better security features when compared with older versions, as well as its ability to work on Android devices, which only run these languages natively.

With our experience in developing for both new releases and old models, we can provide a fully customizable solution that is tailored specifically towards your needs.

No! You can hire one of our experienced developers, and they will take care of getting your current application up to speed with all available versions.

To reach a wider audience, you should develop an Android app specific to tablets.

The cost of developing an app is based on many factors. Including how much you want to spend and what your result will look like. It can range anywhere between €10k - 30K!

The Android framework provides developers with user interfaces design tools like buttons, text boxes, and image windows. These can be used in tandem to make an application more engaging for users on their mobile device screens!

APK apps are the file format used by the Android operating system and other related systems to distribute applications. They can be programmed in either Java or Kotlin programming languages, making them versatile for many types of projects!

Android has many advantages, such as variety and practical openness. However, it also comes with some disadvantages like vulnerability to malware or lack of accessories for your phone.

The most significant disadvantages of developing Android devices are design complexity and economic loss. Non-compatible upgrades make it challenging to create on the platform, generating less revenue than iOS development. There's also an increased chance that bugs will arise in your application because they can't be fixed quickly enough when something goes wrong. With one version release after another due simply population size alone - no matter how many people use older versions, though!

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