This is one of the largest Ukrainian online door hardware stores in Ukraine.
Ultradom has a large number of partners and suppliers of its products, global brands sell their products to Ukraine through Ultradom.
We analyzed existing online home supplies stores on the market, by which we thought through all the functionality of the updated website and created a truly competitive product on the market.
This is the most convenient directory where people can find any door accessories they want, product categories and search are arranged so that the user can find what he was looking for in just a couple of clicks.
Product card
Simple, but quite informative product card.In it you can see all the necessary information about the product, select the quantity of goods and put it in the basket.
Cart page
An easy-to-use shopping cart. A feature of this basket is the quick addition of goods to the basket by name, it is convenient when you know the name of the product and just forgot to add it.
We tried to transfer the entire functionality of the desktop site to the mobile version without cutting back the functionality.
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Built with the Sylius open source e-commerce platform with scalability in mind, supported with Elastic Search engine machine to allow flexibility and simplify products filters configuration for the considerable amount of different parameters.
We have redesigned the navigation of the catalog entirely; now you can quickly switch to a different category of goods with two click. Two types of product display on the page, a convenient and informative product card increases the usability
This is one of the largest Ukrainian online door hardware stores in Ukraine.
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