Laravel Websites Development

Laravel is a tool for developing websites and mobile applications. This PHP framework enables to create multi-page scalable Internet resources of almost any type and complexity.

What types of websites is it suitable for?

A Laravel website has practically no functional limitations, but takes more time than assembling from ready-made elements. It is best to use this framework for solving complex and non-standard tasks. Laravel is suitable for creating of the following:

  • web applications
  • online stores
  • portals
  • corporate resources
  • online services
  • unique projects that perform tasks for several types of websites at once

Features of creating a resource on the Laravel framework

The framework enables to speed up the process of creating a website from scratch, while not limiting the developer in the choice of tools and functionality. It provides a comfortable development environment for specialists with a sufficient level of knowledge in this field.

To create a Laravel website, one needs not only the skills of a programmer, but also the help of marketing specialists, user interface design and analysts. The whole process follows the scenario:

  • Research of the market, the target audience, and the product itself is carried out; marketing strategy is developed.
  • Main tasks are formed for the resource to solve.
  • Technical task is agreed for specialists.
  • Project architecture and management system are created. Architecture based on a hierarchical principleul, starting from the most important elements, is carried out.
  • Unique design that takes into account all the website functionality as well as UI\UX requirements is developed.
  • Code is written, and databases are configured and connected.
  • After that, the resource is filled with content.
  • Comprehensive testing of all elements of project and its launch are carried out.
  • Website technical support is carried out by relevant specialists.

It is very important to pay special attention to testing for resources with non-standard functionality. This often enables to avoid a huge number of improvements after the launch, hence the loss of customers and consumer confidence.

Main advantages

Structure and logic of any complexity. The framework enables to create a complex multi-level architecture given any resource requirements.

High performance. Compared to “boxed” resources created based on various CMS, Laravel websites work much faster thanks to a well-thought-out architecture.

Protection against hacking. The website information is protected from SQL, XSS, and CSRF.

Easy to administer. Flexible configuration of the administrative panel for the needs of the resource owner is available.

Moreover, Laravel can significantly increase the speed of development since ready-made modules for solving the most popular tasks are provided here. Unlike the same plugins for WP, they do not burden the resource.

Scaling the project

Laravel provides an opportunity to develop the resource and expand its functionality. Note that the functional requirements and working conditions are constantly changing. Therefore, it is important to create a website taking into account its subsequent development. In this case, you will be able to refine the resource and supplement it with new tools without significant expenses for the services of programmers.

Order your Laravel website in Lazy Ants

We specialize in creating unique resources, mobile applications, and web applications for businesses. Therefore, development of complex Laravel websites and other projects is an integral part of our work.

We have created hundreds of unique software solutions with a multi-level architecture and non-standard functionality available in the portfolio. Consequently, we are confident that we can create a resource for you to profit.

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