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When was the last time you visited a website that made you think: “wow”? It’s not always a unique product or lowest price that makes an e-commerce platform great, and more often, it would be a unique layout or engaging content. We at Lazy Ants know how to deal with it!
We have provided our clients with full-circle e-commerce development services for more than ten years. Our team of developers, marketers, and content-makers is ready not just to build an online store for you but to fulfill your business needs and bring your dream project to reality.

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Why do you need our e-commerce solutions?

  • Do you have a small business and want to increase sales or get new clients?
  • Is your business quite successful, but it’s time to move on to conquer the online-shopping segment?
  • Do you already have an online store but are not satisfied with its conversion?

If you recognize your case among those listed above, we are here to help. Our team is building online stores for small and big firms, selling to B2B and B2C audiences. We’ll provide you with a thoughtfully designed e-commerce website, a set of technical tools, an effective marketing kit, and catchy content for your business.

Still not sure whether our offer is for you? Let us tell you how we can help to bring your business to the next level.

How can we solve your problems?

We don’t just leave you with a nice-looking website that won’t bring you a dollar. What we offer is a complex solution that will help you start or boost your online business. It includes:

  • High-quality development
    We start with a prototype, go on with backend tools and design, integrate your online store with CRM, ERP, and 1C systems to help you efficiently manage your project. Your online store will be different from competitors, comfortable for clients, profitable for you.
  • Content that sells
    Our team will pick up models, make photo shoots and videos, write product descriptions – do anything to represent your goods the best way possible. Everything you will have to do - check out our recommendations and make sure that we are on the same page. From that moment on, we will take care of everything.
  • Effective marketing
    Our marketing specialists know how to bring new clients and make them come back. We use a systematic approach and do an exemplary job researching, analyzing, and building up a strategy for your business. You can be sure that your target audience will know about you.

Why Lazy Ants?

We could go on about how excellent our services are, but instead, we let numbers speak for us. Lazy Ants are:

  • 12+ years of experience
  • 57 successful e-commerce projects
  • 380+ satisfied clients

We have 19 teams of specialists who can think outside the box and come up with the best individual solutions for your business. We don’t just make websites – we build online stores that work.

How exactly do you make them work? – you may ask. Here – just a few words to show what we do:

  • Our Smart Search technology numerously increases the number of successful search results and makes customers come back five times more likely.
  • The recommendation engine that we implement gives customers the most personalized search results and adds up to 10 % to the average check. If that’s not enough – 5 times less number of returned purchases will be a plus.
  • Our BodyFit solution for clothing stores that helps buyers to pick up products according to their size also helps to increase conversion up to +30 %.

There is no project we can’t fulfill. Here are some that we’ve already scored:

Dressa is an online store for women’s clothing. A website that we created got to the top list in Ukraine, and a store became one of the most successful in a significant competitive market.

Modniy Ostrov
Our challenge was to improve a mobile website to deal with a growing number of orders and make it more comfortable for users. We minimized the number of actions that customers need to make before purchasing.

SportsBay is a vast international marketplace that sells sports goods all over Europe. We came up with the best technical solutions to ease the management process, provide search engine optimization and create a customer-friendly environment.

We at Lazy Ants are creating e-commerce platforms for various businesses, using an individual approach and offering a reasonable cost.

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01. Smart search

Smart search – Smart search allows customers to find quickly the product they are interested in, this is a simple and effective way to simplify navigation and increase sales in an online store.

Smart search – takes into account typing errors, searches during typing and offers results in categories and popular products, increasing the conversion of sales related to the search on the site.

In conjunction with the recommendation engine, the buyer gets the most personalized result.

E-commerce image example E-commerce image example E-commerce image example

02. Body fit

For online clothing stores we offer a solution of the recommendation and selection of clothing sizes for buyers in accordance with the sizes of their figure, style preferences.

Body Fit – will collect information about the sizes of the buyer, offer suitable products with possible adjacent sizes in accordance with the stretch of fabrics.

E-commerce image example E-commerce image example

03. Recommendation engine

Correct recommendations increase the average check and reduce the percentage of product returns from customers, these are the main tasks for which the recommendation engine that we use in our customers' stores is directed.

It allows you to offer the buyer what he wants, size, color, style, season, the most popular products for a group of buyers with similar preferences.

E-commerce image example E-commerce image example E-commerce image example

Our solutions in numbers

  • Users who use Smart Search

    5 times more likely to buy and come back
  • Embedding BodyFit on Your Site

    + 30 % of conversion of the integration with BodyFit
  • Embedding of Recommendation engine

    +10 % Average check The percentage of returned goods is reduced by 5 times After integration with the Recommendation engine


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