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We bring together talented researchers, productive developers and effective organizers who can think boldly and unconventionally, act rationally and efficiently, and achieve goals in a timely manner and to the fullest.

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Development of online stores

We create the foundation of e-commerce - your online store. We do this step by step from prototype and design to the integration of external services in accordance with your features and goals.

Unlike platforms for creating stores, we create a set of tools for the full functioning of your business, such as:

  • Stores
  • CRM
  • ERP
  • Marketing & Analytics
  • Integration with 1C

Content production

We create all content to present your products at their best in the online store and other platforms. Once we make sure the models and recommendations match your brand 100%, you have nothing to think about.

Our team will carry out subject photography of your goods, deliver goods to the studio and back, retouch photo and apply visual effects:

  • Casting model
  • Product video
  • Object shooting
  • Visual photo & Overlay effects
  • Product Description

Digital marketing

We work to increase your sales through effective digital marketing to attract new customers and grow loyal ones.

Based on your goals and conditions, we create a digital strategy and use the appropriate tools and channels. We collect and analyze consumer and market data.

We solve customer business problems

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01. Smart search

Smart search - Smart search allows customers to find quickly the product they are interested in, this is a simple and effective way to simplify navigation and increase sales in an online store.

Smart search - takes into account typing errors, searches during typing and offers results in categories and popular products, increasing the conversion of sales related to the search on the site.

In conjunction with the recommendation engine, the buyer gets the most personalized result.

E-commerce image example E-commerce image example E-commerce image example

02. Body fit

For online clothing stores we offer a solution of the recommendation and selection of clothing sizes for buyers in accordance with the sizes of their figure, style preferences.

Body Fit - will collect information about the sizes of the buyer, offer suitable products with possible adjacent sizes in accordance with the stretch of fabrics.

E-commerce image example E-commerce image example

03. Recommendation engine

Correct recommendations increase the average check and reduce the percentage of product returns from customers, these are the main tasks for which the recommendation engine that we use in our customers' stores is directed.

It allows you to offer the buyer what he wants, size, color, style, season, the most popular products for a group of buyers with similar preferences.

E-commerce image example E-commerce image example E-commerce image example

Our solutions in numbers

  • Users who use Smart Search

    5 times more likely to buy and come back
  • Embedding BodyFit on Your Site

    + 30% of conversion of the integration with BodyFit
  • Embedding of Recommendation engine

    +10% Average check The percentage of returned goods is reduced by 5 times After integration with the Recommendation engine

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