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Our diverse experience in mobile app development ensures that your project will be successful from start to finish. We specialize across all industries and use cutting-edge technology for each client, so we can get you there no matter what the scope is - whether it's consumer-focused or enterprise-based!

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Mobile App Development

The future of customer service is now at your fingertips with the latest mobile apps. From hybrid to native and everything else, we've got you covered! There are many different types of technologies that can be used for developing this type of application, including Deep Learning, AI, Big Data, etc. We have a wide range of business clients who benefit from mobile app design and development expertise. Our developers can create any type, including hybrid apps or native ones with years-worth experience, to help you reach your market potential more efficiently while also improving ROI rates for company growth!

We're proud to offer comprehensive mobile app development services, including building apps for popular operating systems like Android or iOS. Whether you need a cross-platformhybrid applicationthat works on both smartphones and tablets simultaneously with an innovative solution tailored exclusively toward meeting your unique business needs, if it's in our power, then we will find out what can be done! Our team of experienced mobile app developers has created various apps for various industries. We can work with your project to develop the perfect scalable and robust application to get you more business success!

Native and hybrid mobile development

We're confident you'll be impressed with our high-quality native iOS apps and Android app development. We use agile methods to ensure your project is completed on time, within budget & meets all of its requirements!

Hybrid apps with Flutter, React Native or Ionic are the perfect solution for businesses who need to develop both Android and iOS applications. We offer the development of custom requirements based on your unique business needs. We are specialized in the development of:

  • Customer platforms
  • Reward apps
  • Location-based (GPS) apps
  • Travel apps
  • SaaS-based mobile apps
  • Mobile payment apps
  • Stock Trading Apps

Product and marketing strategy

We're agile thinkers who can take your business goals and turn them into reality with our experience in all areas of the mobile application lifecycle. Our specialists can translate market data into practical strategies for you, ensuring that we bring you closer than ever before!

Quality assurance and testing

We take pride in our ability to deliver top-notch customer service and will go above and beyond for your app's success. We tap, swipe or press until the last bug is fixed so you can launch with confidence on any device!

Planning is the key to successful mobile app development

The goal of your mobile app should be to increase productivity and make life easier, which is why you need a well-thought-out strategy for development. During this first phase, a lot can happen that will influence how successful an end product becomes. It's essential to consider what kind of industry each client works in and their specific needs when crafting custom solutions accordingly! Planning is the key to successful mobile app development.

At this stage you need to:

  • Determine the users of the mobile app
  • Research the competition
  • Determine the goals of the mobile app
  • Select a mobile platform for your mobile app

Analysis and planning of mobile app development

Mobile app planning

In this phase, you'll start to see the idea of your app taking shape. Analysis and planning begin by defining its use cases and gathering detailed functional requirements from all interested parties - whether they are customers or employees within an organization that could be impacted by such software.

The product roadmap is an essential part of the process. It'll help you identify when and where your app needs to be implemented and prioritize what features should come first based on those requirements! Mapping out all these different aspects will allow for smoother development throughout. Don't forget about them during planning time either - put together something simple likePOC orMVP (Minimum Viable Product), so there's no confusion later down the line.

The planning phase of mobile app development involves determining the requirements needed for your project. For example, iOS and Android platforms have different technology stacks. If you want to develop a single app across both Operating Systems, it's essential to make sure some developers specialize in each type or risk wasting time on resources.

Unique app names are essential to ensure your product stands out in an increasingly competitive market. Before choosing a name for your new mobile application, please do some research on whether it’s already taken or licensed by another company so that no one will beat you at claiming ownership first!

Functionality of app architecture and workflows

The design process for your mobile app is a crucial part of developing it. First, you need to determine what data and information about the users will be displayed on their screens and how they interact with this finished product. Next, let's take a look into some other aspects, such as user journeys within each specific feature or section from which we can find inspiration!

Companies need to think about the different roles that users might have and what they should do for them not to get frustrated. The rules of each individual's access rights should also date back as part of your app's data architecture to work appropriately with workflow diagrams, which help create a clear understanding of how interactions happen within an application.

App Mockups

Mockups are the final results of yourvisual design applied to app wireframes. You'll make further changes once mockup designs have been finalized, including logic and workflow alterations as well aesthetics which can be changed at any time before publishing or releasing an application onto iTunes Store (or another store).

Almost every mobile app needs a backend (a server component)

This part covers all the concepts related to database and server-side requirements for your mobile app. If you are using an existing backend platform, changes may be required to enable desired functionality on it as well.

Communication with the mobile app using API

The API is the key to unlocking all of your app's potential. It allows for seamless connectivity with backend servers and provides access, control over data in real-time - it does everything you want!

Mobile app frontend

Front-end of the mobile app

Our goal is to create an interactive user experience that uses data storage and management capabilities when designing the front-end. This may be done through either offline methods or online ones, such as API access with no necessity for constant connectivity. However, it can also require localhost mode if needed due to entirely off-site requirements, which would make this more difficult in some ways than others, depending on what type of application you're creating.

Web programming languages, databases, and mobile operating system technology stack are all options available to develop your app's backend. For native apps that run on an iOS platform, you can choose from Objective C or Swift, whereas Android uses Java/Kotlin for its development process, which is similar but different at times too! A hybrid option involves usingJavaScriptconsistently throughout both platforms, meaning more work has been put into it than just making one version explicitly tailored towards each OS's requirements.

Use an agile development approach to ensure you have a mobile app in time for your business goals. The pace of change has never been faster, with new platforms launching every few months and revisions constantly changing all year long! If speed is what matters most, this might be a perfect opportunity because it allows user developers to access information right when they need it - otherwise known as “just enough” planning.

Once the development milestones have been completed, our app testing team passes them on for review.

App Store / Google Play - App deployment & Support

Submitting the app to App Store and Google Play

To publish your mobile app, you'll need to submit it through Apple's App Store and Google Play. You can't do this without signing up for developer accounts with each company. However - there is no other way around their requirements other than waiting until they decide whether or not your application meets standards enough before granting access!

Publishing an app to the App Store requires the creation of metadata, including:

  • The title of your app
  • Description
  • Category
  • Keywords
  • App icon
  • App Store screenshots

iOS apps submitted to the Apple App Store go through a review process that can take anywhere from 1-2 days until several weeks. If your app requires users' accounts, you must provide them as part of the approval procedure with apple. This includes creating test user accounts too!

There is no review process for Android apps, and they become available in the store within hours of submission.

Monitoring your app's success through analytics allows you to measure key performance indicators (KPIs). Frequently reviewing crash reports or other user-reported issues can help identify any problems before they become worse and keep customers happy with their experience on launch day.

By encouraging feedback and suggestions from your users, you can improve their experience with the app. The more they like it - or at least don't dislike- the less likely they will be to leave for another company's product! You should also provide frequent support so that end-users aren't left unhappy when something goes wrong. Тhis helps keep engagement high among those who already use our service/app.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions & answers

Lazy Ants is an agency with deep experience in design, development, and marketing. Our team's extensive experience in in-app and web portal development ensures your project will be successful. We've worked with teams to successfully integrate new apps, work around legacy systems, develop technically complex capabilities for seamless integration into an existing application or process - whatever you need! We're here for you when your needs change, or the situation gets challenging - because we know that's not always easy!

Yes, we can. Before starting your project, there will be a detailed specification of what needs to happen and an upfront price for completing it all, as laid out in our agreement beforehand. Both sides are protected from hidden costs or other surprises later on down the line when this becomes more than one person's job!

Sometimes projects get more complicated than they need to be, which is why we'll always give you an estimate as soon as possible. A rough idea of what it will cost early on can help make sure your project goes smoothly and doesn't end up costing significantly less or more than expected!

If sending us an email or call is more your speed, we've got a whole team of experts waiting for calls at +49 69 175 06 901. You can also send ideas through our contact form, and one of their staff members will get back with options explicitly tailored towards what works best! We're here to help you.

The development of hybrid apps have been gaining popularity as it allows our team to quickly deliver projects that meet the needs of both iOS and Android users. These frameworks also make your project more accessible by supporting multiple platforms like React Native, Ionic, or Flutter, which means you won't worry about not getting what was designed into this app!

Have you ever logged into an app? Of course! Mobile apps need web applications in the background to control them. There is always a server running that provides data and checks whether or not permissions were given when launching this program on your phone/tablet screen.

The best way to start a project right is by understanding your business. This isn't just for projects either. It's also how we get feedback from our clients and make sure you're getting what you need out of every interaction with us!

You will have a dedicated project manager available to you throughout the development process.

You can be sure to give you the appropriate copyright or license rights for any custom code we write for your project. You'll have complete control over the intellectual property before it begins, and our commitment to transparency ensures there are no hidden costs or surprises down the line!

A successful project has many factors, but some requirements may cause a more extended development period than others.

Sometimes we can finish a project faster if more app developer resources are available. In other situations, the technology or security requirements may limit our ability to work on it and provide an answer for you sooner than expected. However, let us know as soon as possible so that deadline pressure isn't too much!

We offer a flexible solution to your IT needs. You can hire us for ad-hoc support, which is perfect if you need minimal assistance and don't want monthly fees associated with our service. We also have monthly plans that provide continuous services at an affordable price!

Launching a version of your vision as simple and effective as possible will help you test out the water before diving in headfirst. This process we call an MVP or Minimum Viable Product - because it's all about getting started!

Ja, wir empfehlen Ihnen sogar, zunächst eine möglichst einfache Version Ihrer Vision auf den Markt zu bringen und sie im Laufe der Zeit immer wieder anzupassen. Dieser schrittweise Ansatz wird als "Minimum Viable Product" (MVP) bezeichnet.

We use JavaScript for the frontend and Node.js, PHP (with MySQL/MariaDB, MongoDB) on Amazon Web Services or Heroku as well a Python with PostgreSQL when needed. This allows us to work in different languages depending upon what best suits your project needs - HTML5 / CSS3 based templates where speed matters most versus traditional APIs. We also provide Flutter apps alongside React Native ones whenever possible. Which might require more maintenance but can offer greater flexibility at scale, especially if you're working remotely without an office manager who's experienced ensuring everything gets done correctly).

We create a central database where all your data is stored to get started. Once that's done, set up an interface (API) for mobile apps to quickly send or receive this information!

We can integrate with many systems and online tools to extend app functionality. We have experience connecting to Facebook, Twitter, Amazon AWS, Salesforce, Google Maps (or other mapping applications), LinkedIn, PayPal, Stripe, AdScience. Let us know if you need help integrating your system!

We offer a wide range of payment options so that you can choose the right one for your business. You'll find methods like credit card payments or PayPal Express Checkout, as well as alternative providers such as Adyen or Stripe. They specialize in full end-to-end integration with all necessary features available out-of-the-box on our platform without having too much developer time spent integrating them yourself!

We work with teams and systems to create a more customized experience. We are committed to maintaining strong relationships, so we recommend scheduling a conversation or meeting early on if you want your ideas heard by all stakeholders involved.

It's essential to start with custom graphics when creating an app. We begin by identifying what your brand stands for and how it can be showcased through our designs so that you know if this will work or not before starting development on the program itself!

Of course, we can. When possible and appropriate to the project at hand, our team prefers using its design process because it leads us towards delivering high-quality products that are consistent across all projects. Still, there's always room for flexibility in this regard too!

Hosting is an essential part of any website or app, but it doesn't have to be complicated. With our managed servers, you can host your project with ease and minimum effort on top-quality equipment from some of the best providers in the industry like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform & Microsoft Virtual Private Cloud Service - all at competitive pricing too! You won't find another company that offers such flexibility when designing accessible solutions for today's growing web needs. Whether big or small – we've got something perfect fit just waiting inside those walls.

We understand your concern about data loss. That's why we provide daily backups both on-site and off-site in Frankfurt, Germany. To ensure that if anything happened with our servers or they got hacked, you would be able to restore all of the information quickly and thoroughly - even minute details are taken care of so no transactions get lost!

We're all about making sure that we work with you, your team, and the process. We do this by using both waterfall methodologies and agile methods depending on what is best for our business needs - alongside how YOU want us to collaborate!

We need your help testing the app. We have processes for quality assurance, but since you know best about what needs to be done with it and how people will interact when using our product - there's no way we could've predicted which ways that might lead! Even if everything works ideally 100% of the time before giving over-development rights, it doesn't hurt if something goes wrong later down the road because then everyone knows exactly where those bugs lie (and can fix them).

As a start-up company, we understand that you may no longer require our services as your needs grow and change over time. The best decision for any business is to ensure it has all its ducks in order before they become overwhelmed with responsibilities or unable because of financial constraints on resources like space available inside an office building. Where programmers can work efficiently together without distractions - this way, there's less risk involved should one programmer leave due to unforeseeable circumstances!

We work this way because it helps your cash flow and means you don't overspend. For small jobs, typically up to 10K Euros (or $7000), we charge a 50% deposit at the beginning of the project followed by another half when completed- no late charges! Larger projects will have payment breaks every month based on their value which is decided during planning days beforehand so that there are never any surprises later down.


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