Universal electronic platform for optimization of procurement, sales and energy consumption
Three roles
The administrator has access to absolutely all information on all roles that exist on the service. Suppliers, consumers and traders. Convenient tables with all the necessary data are generated for each user.
Admin panel
Smart analytics
We have developed a smart analytics system that analyzes all passed processes for each of the users. Consumption analytics, sales analytics and purchase analytics, the history of all data are always at hand, convenient filtering by periods and data type
Consumption, sale, purchase
Fixing your contractual relationship
AI-powered analytics
Accurate forecast of consumption and purchases
The most convenient import and export of all data
Instant notification system for all events
Reliable training and support service
Maximum efficiency of your business processes
Takes into account all the needs of players on the Ukrainian energy market.
For traders and suppliers
Timely receipt and management of customer requests, automatic generation of hourly plans of electricity purchase, effective management of customer tariffs, unmistakable forecast of electricity consumption by consumers
Reliable tool
We solve customer business problems
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