With 80% of websites created with PHP, it's no wonder that this programming language is so popular. With the ability to create dynamic and engaging content on-demand, there are many benefits for businesses who choose Lazy Ants as their agency partner in web design & development!

PHP development

PHP is a programming language that has been continuously developed for over two decades. It offers great features, efficiency and quality with its huge community of users making it an excellent choice among companies today!

We provide a full range of web development services, from essential website maintenance to complex custom application designs. We are committed and dedicated to meeting your individual needs for professional quality at an affordable price - all with our client's satisfaction as a top priority!

A PHP agency is a perfect choice for any business looking to have an online presence. Their experts can help develop fully functional websites in just one language, ensuring that you're getting top-notch service without having multiple people working on your project!

Lazy Ants is a PHP agency that specializes in developing high-quality projects. We use our expertise to create innovative solutions for clients, making them one of the top agencies around!

Lazy Ants - PHP development company

PHP agency

Lazy Ants is a company that specializes in web application and website development. We've been working with PHP for over ten years, which makes it an ideal choice of technology for us at Lazy Ants - we use the language(PHP)to develop high-quality projects from the USA, Europe, or Australia!

We can create complete PHP applications and websites with our vast range of skills. We also work with other technologies like Sylius, Laravel, or Symfony, depending on the project requirements to produce components for them to make your life easier!

Our PHP programmers develop high-quality projects using the most modern, reliable technology. Our customers love focusing on speed and user-friendliness to deliver excellent service here at Lazy Ants!

Lazy Ants offers excellent technological solutions using dynamic scripting language PHP for when your needs include something more complex than just developing a simple website, and also if you're looking to build large-scale e-commerce platforms that require robustness. With our increased capacity during peak times of the year, we can take care of all aspects from development through hosting to avoid missing out on any part!

Hire dedicated PHP developers

Full-stack PHP web development

Our commitment to helping you save time and money means we'll do whatever it takes for our clients, whether that's building a custom solution from scratch or just trimming down an existing website. Hence, it's easier on their employees' eyes!

CMS / CRM development with PHP

When it comes to choosing a CMS and CRM development, we offer open source PHP based solutions with popular frameworks such as Symfony or Laravel.

E-commerce development with PHP

Whether you are looking for a single page store, individual e-commerce websites or portals that sell online services we develop custom solutions.

Cloud-based PHP (SaaS) web solution

As a leadingSoftware as a Service (SaaS), web design, and web development company for over ten years, we have gained rich experience with various technologies. Our expertise covers all aspects from start to finish of your project, ensuring you get exactly what you need!

Web Services & API Development

Whether you are looking for robust web service development in PHP or API integration, we have the solution that fits your needs. Our enterprise-level services will help extend and enhance any project with confidence!

PHP Backend Design & Web Development

Our team of experts can provide the right solution for your business needs. We implement complex logic into reliable backends that are scalable and performant, so you don't have to worry about system scalability or performance lags when it comes time to make an application live online!

PHP Mobile Middleware Development

Using our full-service mobile app web development platform, you can create robust and comprehensive native apps that work on any device. We also offer cross-platform hybrid solutions so users of your iOS or Android application will be able to access its functionality through an online browser too!

Dedicated PHP Developer Team

We have a team of in-house PHP programmers who can help you expand your development capabilities. We will create websites and web portals with the skillful use our skilled technicians possess for this language, giving us one less thing to worry about while also ensuring security on all levels!

PHP is more than a programming language; and it is an ecosystem consisting of components

To ensure the success of your project, we offer a wide range frameworks to choose from. You can either explore and decide on your own or take advantage our expertise in finding what's best for you!

Websites and Shops with PHP

Website and Online Shop Development with PHP

If you are looking to create a website, it is essential that your chosen solution be developed in the future and not break down. Choosing PHP means choosing one of many programming languages that also have an active community supporting them and being open source. Hence there's no need for licensing fees later on after the purchase.

Choosing a website based on PHP and created by Lazy Ants is an intelligent decision because you are choosing the best in experience, reliability. A team developing web solutions for over ten years using this powerful coding language will ensure your project's success!

We are the dark stars that guide you through all phases of building a website - programming and web design. Our team is here for support after your site goes live too!

Enterprise web app development using a PHP MVC framework to bring significant benefits to your business:

  • Individuals CMS, CRM-Portal
  • PHP Mobile Webservices
  • API development
  • Social networks
  • B2C & B2B Marketplaces & Online-Shops

Our company provides a PHP-based web portal for designing online presence in corporate portals, B2B e-commerce websites, and educational institutions.

  • E-Learning Software
  • Job board & recruiting portal
  • Multitenant Web Platforms
  • Enterprise Portals
  • Customer Knowledge Base

PHP Software Solutions

Software solutions with PHP

Do you have a PHP-based website and need help to develop it further? We can offer you our services! Many of the clients who came in contact with us are from different parts of Europe, the USA or Australia. They wanted better service and quality software development that is reliable too - but we're more than just good developers; let's talk about how this will work out for YOU first by getting FREE quotes right now on your timeline.

We are an expert team of developers with years' worth of experience in the field. Our knowledge allows us to start implementing new features. It provides support for systems built by other PHP programmers, making sure your site is running smoothly and efficiently all day long!

We'll be there for you from the beginning to the end of your website project - designing, programming, and support.

We provide the latest in technology to help your business succeed. We offer PHP-based development of applications or websites for small businesses, large enterprises, and any complex process that needs customized solutions tailored just for them!

With our custom enterprise software, your intranet will be a more productive place. We use the power of PHP and web technology for you:

  • Corporate Collaboration Portal
  • Process Automation Platform
  • Assessment and Evaluation Tools
  • ERP & E-Procurement
  • HRMS Solutions

Legacy Software Migration

In addition to turnkey software development, we have expertise in modernizing and upgrading legacy products with the help of an extensive PHP ecosystem.

Systems evolve, and it is essential to keep up with the changes. Keeping your software updated will ensure increased productivity, security features like grey box testing for vulnerabilities that could be exploited by hackers or other system malfunctions, which may cause you lost business opportunities if left unchecked. A company's longevity depends on staying current in today's technological world to provide efficient services while being prepared when newer technologies come along tomorrow!

Corporate website design

Web design is a challenging field that requires expertise in many areas. We offer our clients comprehensive solutions to their web needs, including programming and developing new features for your site's PHP content management system (CMS). Our team also provides UI/UX services so you can have an aesthetically pleasing yet functional website, whether it be on desktops or mobile devices!

If you think your website needs a new look, don't hesitate to contact us. We create UX models and templates for designers like yourself to have an easier time designing their sites so they can effectively communicate with potential customers! We use Bootstrap 5 as our basic coding structure, paired nicely alongside the latest Twig toolset; this allows us more control over HTML5 elements than ever before (including CSS3). Alongside these tools comes other modern technologies such as SCSS style sheets or SASS functions - both very useful when working within responsive web designs that adjust based on screen width.

Web development with PHP

In today's world, it is not only necessary to create a beautiful design and user interface; you also need an REST or GraphQl-API so that your front end can communicate with other applications or websites. This way, the data will be accessible no matter where users are. At Lazy Ants, we have gained experience in developing backends for this type of service which means our team members know how best to implement them into projects successfully!

Performance optimization

Data structures can cause your application's performance to drop. If you're dealing with this problem, we have a solution - our team specializes in speeding up PHP apps, and using logs/tests, they discover errors that are slowing down the system before suggesting how best to deal with them.

PHP code audit

PHP has many great features that make it a powerful programming language. But sometimes, these benefits come at too high of an expense to the quality and security of your code, so you should have a professional audit done if unsure what's best for yourself or others who use this project going forward.

Code review is a standard process in our work; we perform it on every project. We can also help you through the entire code-writing and point out possible places that need improvement, such as quality assurance or security measures when necessary.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions & answers

PHP is a server-side programming language that allows developers to write scripts that run on the server and communicate with the front end of the website. PHP has been proven powerful enough for various web development projects because its flexibility offers many opportunities like creating an MVP ( Minimum Viable Product ) site or developing custom CMS. It's not just about using this alone, though. Other tools are always involved when working through more significant tasks, such as e-commerce platforms.

All projects vary depending upon their complexity. If you are dealing with a large project, it is essential to ask whether PHP will be suitable. One of the reasons this language has become so popular over time is its speed and efficiency allow for quick work on more significant tasks without sacrificing quality or functionality in any way. But there could still come down when even high-level languages just don't cut through everything like they should, which would mean significant reworking parts of your codebase!

PHP is a dynamic, open-source language that offers many advantages. It's flexible and allows you to do whatever your imagination dictates with it. This makes development more straightforward than ever before! You also have control over how things are built, which means no limits when creating an application or website in today's world - even if huge sizes come into play (like databases). Finally, excellent scalability properties exist, meaning we can use PHP for huge websites without any problems whatsoever due to its efficient resource management.

PHP web applications can take a variety of different forms and sizes. They may be small or large depending on the needs, goals, available resources, etc., so no single estimate should ever be given without thorough analysis into every aspect that goes into making one!

To give you a better idea of how much it would cost to hire our company for your next project, we will take an in-depth look at what is required from start to finish. We'll explore deadlines, resources, and personnel needs so that there are no surprises once work has begun!

We've been providing cutting-edge PHP services for over a decade, and we're experts in all things related to this language. Some frameworks that people may know best for our Laravel or Symfony, but our skillset also includes e-commerce platforms like Sylius, which helps you build your site quickly with just one simple interface!

In the future, we can help you change your website design. Our designers can alter the content and appearance according to one's wishes before working on it. However, because every project varies in scope, there may be some elements that don't fit our current designs or ideas - so please let us know what those specific requirements are!

We are more than happy to help you migrate your old website over into the latest version of PHP. All that's required is information about what needs upgrading and how we can make sure it happens! Our experts will review this with care, set goals accordingly, then get on their way.

You may be wondering why you should outsource your PHP development. The answer is simple. General developers can't compete with the expertise of a specialist in this field! With so many talented people working on it already and not enough time to accomplish anything major or minor at once, there isn't any other way around. When trying to get something done efficiently, most companies opt against tackling their own coding needs altogether rather than taking some risk while outsourcing those tasks, which seem too difficult even.


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