Cafes, restaurants, coffee shops, clubs, hairdressers, shops and many other places on your smartphone
The most simple principle of work
You are a tourist, in a new country for you, Loyalty will tell you which place is better to visit, where there is more cashback, where the reviews are better. Loyalty will also pave the route on the place's map.
All the information you need in plain sight
Your current cashback, recent transactions and notifications, everything is on one screen. Complete history of transactions filtered by period.
Search for establishments and list of favorite places
Simple search of places, filtering by category, by distance from the user, by the percentage of cashback and reviews of other tourists. Save establishments in which you have been, plan to spend time, a list of countries and cities is created automatically.
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Calculation of the cost of developing your project
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Promo page & sample animations
Beautiful and functional interface animations will help the user to navigate the application, and not just wait for the screen to load, but also look at the beautiful movements of objects.
Informative establishment card
A beautiful and convenient place card will show you all the necessary information such as:
Facility type, average bill, cashback size, description, photo gallery and video, reviews of other users. Also, in one click, you can build a route to this institution on the map, or look for other places on the map and look at the beautiful movements of objects.
Onboarding - screens
To get acquainted with the functionality of the application, the user is provided with small slides with a short description of the functions of the application and how it works.
Additional colors
We enable the user to switch to a darker color theme of the application at any time.
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