Software development by dedicated teams

Have you wanted to update or create new software for your business? Our team of certified IT professionals can help! We use the latest technologies so that nothing will get in the way of running processes efficiently. With fast turnaround times and an emphasis on customer satisfaction, you're getting all this from us at a great price!

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Custom software development

What does a full-stack development of custom applications mean?

Lazy Ants specializes in developing custom software for companies and helps them to turn their ideas into reality. We do everything from creating detailed requirements to implementing a solution that works best for you! Our company also provides post-implementation services so they can be sure someone is looking out after what was built at every stage - even long-term maintenance if needed.

Capture requirements

Lazy Ants' business analysts can gather, analyze and assess our customers' requirements for a solution to create the most effective roadmap.


We use the results from our analysis to create wireframes and prototypes, which help us evaluate if this is feasible. If there are technical bottlenecks, we brainstorm alternative solutions so that you can meet your original requirements

Customized software design

Our UI and UX designers are responsible for implementing the collected requirements in a user-friendly design. We create custom application scenarios, navigation elements, and interactive components that help users navigate through their software with ease while saving data or completing tasks more efficiently than before!

Custom app development

Lazy Ants is a company that specializes in developing custom web and mobile applications. They combine their work with continuous testing to verify the performance of each solution, as well as evaluate its functionality before launch.

Maintenance and support

Lazy Ants has a wide range of services for custom software development. We can solve challenges such as upgrades and improvements, monitoring performance, or securing your application with our expert knowledge in security analysis.

What are the software development costs for custom software?

The cost of developing custom software is not always what you might expect. The resources required to create a final product vary depending on the requirements and complexity level. Still, in general, they can be broken down into two categories: time spent development versus materials/equipment used during production. The more specific your needs are regarding inputting them into our system at Lazy Ants, the full-stack agency will help determine just how much it'll ultimately set you back!

Custom software is initially more expensive than adopting standard applications. Still, it will pay off in the medium term as you gain a competitive advantage and efficient programs that integrate with your workflow.

Hire software developer

Whether you need a software developer for the next three months or three years, we have what it takes to help your business grow. We are more than capable of handling any project and will provide excellent service so that no time is wasted in getting things done!

Flexibility in hiring the software developers

You may need new employees for only a few weeks or months without committing to full-time employment. You don't have the burden of providing benefits and paying sick days; you can save money by not having payroll costs!

Software experts

We have a team of software developers who work with many different technologies and code bases. These include PHP, JavaScript/NodeJS, Python, or Java - to name some! You can hire any number from our extensive list for your project needs too.

Complementary skills

You'll need more than just programming skills for your company's needs. You want a software developer that specializes in the types of projects you're working on, so they can provide specific solutions tailored towards each department or area within business operations:

  • The PHP programmer works with Symfony, while our software developer also knows how to use Laravel. This provides an excellent platform for them to work together on your project!
  • Your web testers will find all the bugs in your website, while our mobile app beta tester can test out new features for you.

Flexibility with Native & Web

You don't have to decide between an app or a web developer. If you need native iOS and Android development, then we offer both! Our mobile developers are familiar with HTML5/CSS3 and JavaScript for our clients' in-house systems like Objective C on the macOS operating system (or Java Swing).

Cost savings in customized software development

By hiring software developers for short periods, you can save money. Although your initial investment may be higher than what it would cost if you had full-time employees on staff right away - this is quickly offset by not having high one-time costs at the beginning and instead of being able to spread those expenses out over many hires throughout their career with inhouse talent. For example:

  • You do not have to pay additional taxes for part-time employment.
  • You save money on benefits costs like PTO, health insurance, and other expenses that cut into your company's bottom line.

More job security

Companies should consider hiring short-term employees to avoid significant changes during economic downturns. This allows them not to have the hassle of layoff costs when their needs change and reduce annual leave or sick days usage because people want to stay employed!

Good fit

Hiring software developers can be risky, but it is an investment worth making if you want to launch your product. You'll save money on severance costs, and there's no need for early retirement packages when things don't work out as planned!

Hiring a part-time software developer for your company is not as expensive as hiring someone full-time, but it can still be worth the investment! And finding good contractors through an internet database will save you from wasting hours of interviewing and applying.

Advantages of custom software development with Lazy Ants

Focus on the customer experience

We are a custom software provider. At the heart of it all, we care about our customers and their users - which means you'll get an individualized approach from us when tackling any business challenge or building new features for your company's website!

Reduced time to market

By getting a custom software prototype from our team, you can test the usability and efficiency of your ideas before investing too much time or money into development. We provide all these services: design thinking sessions, detailed feedback on each stage of the designing process (from sketching out concepts to testing), change management when necessary, so there are no surprises during launch day - we've got this one covered!

Effective and transparent development

Eliminate software development time constraints with a streamlined process and adopt agile practices to make your custom application more productive.

Modularity and reliability

Lazy Ants provides the flexibility to build your application and change individual components' functionality. We help you move from a monolithic system, which is more difficult for maintenance purposes, into one that uses a microservices architecture to be easier on developers working with legacy solutions all day long!

Examples of custom software development

Examples customized software development

We understand that every business is different and have the tools to meet your specific needs:

  • Content Management Systems
  • E-commerce systems and web stores
  • Warehouse, logistics and inventory management
  • Developing an ERP solution can be difficult, time-consuming, and expensive. That's why we offer customized solutions by reengineering existing systems or designing one from scratch to cover essential business functions such as inventory management for manufacturing accuracy in accounting software with greater ease of use than ever before!
  • We provide industry-leading CRM solutions to meet your needs. Whether you are looking for a simple solution or tailored specifically, our software developers and engineers will produce the perfect custom package that best suits what YOU need!
  • Web design and development, websites
  • Database development with over 10 billion records
  • Projects with high visitor numbers
  • Mobile hybrids and native apps
  • Applications with AI and ML

Regardless of how complex your needs are, we will meet them with functional software and fully supported solutions.

Custom software development company

The time for your business to shine is now. Our enterprise software development services provide a wide range of offerings that help you maximize profits and ROI, from web-based solutions down to mobile technology.

Custom software development

We develop custom software for startups to enterprises, helping solve complex challenges with reliable and agile digital solutions.

Software consulting

Let our software consulting teams help you easily implement the optimal technology stack for your custom business needs.

SaaS & Custom software

Our team of experts can make sure that you have a tailored solution for your needs. We design quality SaaS software and provide high-quality services to make it scalable across different environments from start-up companies through growth stages!

Software development - Dedicated teams

Growing your team is the fastest way to expand and grow. We have dedicated software development teams with expertise in a wide range of technologies to help you build applications for easy scalability, faster time-to-market, or higher ROI!

Test & QA Services

We provide a wide range of testing and QA services, including manual tests that can be performed on any device. Our automated system is fast to use but still provides thorough coverage for your needs in every situation so you know what's expected when it comes time to release!

Upgrading and migration services

Legacy systems are a thing of the past. Modernize your legacy application and leverage the potential for higher ROI and lower ongoing management/maintenance costs with some software currently in use or coming soon!

Custom web development

With our custom web development solutions, you can accelerate workflows and increase revenue. You'll also be able to streamline business processes from concept through deployment with a single company for each step in between!

Implementation and deployment

We understand that your team is busy, so we create an implementation plan just for you. We will identify what needs to be done and how best to do it effectively to deliver the most value with minimal risk!

API development

Integrating with your software is easy! We make it happen through our reliable and documented APIs, so you can customize an existing bespoke system or create new ones from scratch.

System integrations

No matter the challenge, your software integration needs are our priority. We use cutting-edge technologies and processes to overcome them all - from architecture design right through testing & execution!

UI/UX designer

Our UX/UI designers create beautiful, engaging, and user-friendly designs of enterprise systems that delight users. Your business looks great when you have a professional design team for your website or any software development project!

MVP development

Make your Minimum Viable Product stand out from the competition by using a simple yet effective strategy. Quickly turn ideas into fully functional products that can be tested with potential clients or customers for them to get an idea of what you have created because this will allow people who may not know how great something can work!

Internet of things

The IoT division is dedicated to developing and implementing large-scale projects, including smart cities, buildings systems monitoring industrial equipment telemetry sensors traffic solutions.

Blockchain Consulting

With our blockchain consulting services, you can work smarter and reduce risk by implementing one of the most revolutionary technologies in today's world. We will help make sure your company is equipped with all it needs for security!

Nearshore Outsourcing

A Nearshore Development team operates in the same time zone as your company and acts as an extension. They have dedicated facilities, which make them perfect for those who need their services without moving from one place of work!

Mobile app development

We create native and hybridmobile apps that engage millions of customers. We can help your business reach its full potential through strategy and design technology!

Custom software development for companies of any size

Enterprise software development

Enterprise software development

When it comes to custom programming, we've seen that large companies often have a different set of needs than smaller ones. This is because their business might span multiple industries. They need ready-made solutions without any customization to work with companies on an enterprise-level or other larger entities who do not specialize solely in IT but also deal with technology on the front lines every day.

We work tirelessly to tailor technologies to achieve your goals with ease. You will see how our consulting helps improve efficiency and streamline the process of developing custom software solutions for businesses, which is why we're confident that it's one investment worth making!

Medium-sized companies and customized software

To ensure your custom software continues to operate smoothly, we support you through all stages of development. Whether adding new features or managing an ever-growing user base, our engineering and infrastructure teams will keep the system running at peak performance so that bugs are never seen as problems!

Custom software development is the way for businesses that need an application with specific features. Our custom programming and reliability services ensure your solution will be available, no matter how many people use it or which updates you want, to keep up the competition!

Supported technological start-ups

The success of your business depends on the quality and reliability of its software. You need a partner who can provide you with custom solutions tailored to meet all your needs, not just today but for years into the future as well! Our team will take time from concept through launch. Even if something changes in technology or government regulations occur during development, we'll be able to keep up without sacrificing deadlines.

After evaluating how you are currently utilizing our services, we can provide a solution that will optimize your development process and help to produce high-quality software at speed. With comprehensive consulting in both technical aspects of the job and business strategy - including offering what's on this site when it comes down to coding processes--we'll make sure everything goes smoothly from the start (or finish!) up until launch day!

FAQ - Frequently asked questions & answers

Custom software is not only affordable but also very cost-effective. We need detailed information about your business needs to provide you with accurate pricing, so please let one of our experts tailor an estimate designed explicitly around what's required!

We can outline software requirements accurately via Skype or email in most cases. However, there may be times when it makes sense for us to meet in person and analyze your infrastructure together. Our collaboration is more efficient and less misunderstood about changing on which application platform (s).

Custom software is a costly investment for businesses because it has been designed to fit into existing processes and can save you money on licensing fees, but developing custom programs often requires higher costs.

We take confidentiality seriously. All of our employees are permanent and bound by the company's clauses. In addition, we have set up a separate environment for sensitive projects which will be off-limits from any public networks so no one can access them without permission or know about it beforehand.

We have a strict process to control the quality of our work, which includes design walkthroughs as well as mutual code reviews - we are not satisfied until your satisfaction is guaranteed! For us, there's nothing better than developing something you're happy with from start to finish. Whether it's an app or web design project at home abroad, we deliver just that.

Development time frames can vary depending on the complexity and deadline. However, if you have a specific date that needs a meeting, our team will work tirelessly to achieve this goal! To find out more about how long your project might take in advance, don't hesitate to get in touch with us today so we may provide updates tailored specifically for client tastes/needs.

The support team is trained to provide you with the best possible experience. They know how important this issue of meeting deadlines and staying on top of them can be! If something goes wrong, we've got their back-our SLAs average up to 2 hours (but most customers rarely require such extensive assistance).

The customer is in charge of this project. They will be able to work closely with you, our client, and all other stakeholders involved in delivering a successful product or service that meets your needs!

Agile development is an integral part of our process - you'll see it pop up whenever work or reviews are due before releases go live. It's one way that we stay efficient while delivering high-quality products on time! We work with agile methodologies, which start by planning sprints and continue throughout the entire project lifecycle (PSAL).

When the project is completed, you own everything needed to create or further develop your software. This includes executables and scripts!

You won't be surprised by any hidden costs. All systems and hosting are included at one affordable price, without additional fees!

One way to get the quote you need is by providing our developers with detailed requirements. You can also help them in their work and offer user stories that will help create a project plan!

We solve customer business problems.

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