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Native iOS app development is one of the core services to our clients. We have a passion for mobile app design and are experts in combining functionality with first-grade graphics, ensuring that your end product will be everything you need it to be!
Lazy Ants is a mobile app development company that creates breakthrough apps for emerging startups and established businesses. Our team of iOS developers serves customer needs from simple to exotic by creating custom-made solutions tailored specifically to you!

Our approach of app development

iOS native app development

We're a passionate team of iOS developers, UX and UI designers with years of experience in product design. We understand that your company has unique needs, so our goal isn't just to create beautiful designs but rather user interfaces tailored for you!

We're a team of digital experts who take pride in our ability to provide personalized solutions for all organizations. We believe that we should do every project with the client's needs at heart. We'll do everything necessary on your behalf - including advising you throughout the development process, so it meets all requirements perfectly!

Native Mobile App Development

iOS app source code

The journey to creating an app begins with a brainstorming session where you try new ideas and think about what customers need. You should also consider their interests to provide them only with the best experience possible!

We have guaranteed the success of many products through creativity, discovery, and testing. That's what Agile is all about: Building an iterative product that can be successfully deployed quickly with a focus on saving time & money by building only what's necessary at each stage to avoid waste or rework down the line if successful.

Successful apps are built with constant testing. The drawback is that it's hard to change course when things go wrong, so making an app without any QA process introduces unforeseen risks and creates the perfect scenario for fatal headaches- unless you use agile methods! Thanks to these flexible practices, our teams can identify better paths in smaller chunks, which means they're able to take advantage of opportunities as soon as possible instead of waiting until after completion (which might be too late).

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Our approach

When we bring products to market, our goal is always a customer's needs. We do this by providing the highest level of experience and ROI for businesses - working in parallel with data-driven research that gives you an appropriate blueprint as well. Our product managers are deeply engaged throughout your entire project process so they can guide what best suits your customers' preferences.

We start with a fixed number of sprints to integrate the right ideas into our minimum feature set. Sprints promote flexibility in our process, which we inevitably need as this solution evolves from its original goal in most cases.

Our expertise

iOS devices

Our experienced team has expertise in developing iPhones, iPads, and Apple Watch apps. We'll make your idea a reality!

Initial to final app development agency

With our iOS mobile app development agency, you will have access to a team of designers and developers who work together from start to finish until your project's goals are met. We offer comprehensive services for every phase in the process to ensure successful outcomes on all levels!

Product and market strategy

Our team of agile minds is ready to take on any task that you need to be done. We specialize in every stage throughout the mobile application development cycle, bringing market and user data into practical strategies for your business goals!

UI/UX design

We have a user-centered app design philosophy for mobile apps that guides every creative step we take. Our designers are experts in identifying customer wants and needs, resulting in thoughtful UI/UX decisions tailored to meet their unique requirements.

Native app development

We are passionate about developing high-quality iOS apps and Android mobile applications that will bring your company to the next level. Our strategy is based on agile development methods, ensuring efficient collaboration between our engineering teams while scaling effectively for more extensive project requirements. We create intuitive user experiences with engaging graphics to ensure you stay focused during gameplay - all this provides scalability!

QA and testing

You can rely on our team of experts to make your app store launch a success. We'll fix any bugs and ensure that it delivers what you promise users!

What we offer

iOS agency

Lazy Ants is an iOS development agency for mobile enterprise apps. We are known for having top-tier developers with extensive expertise and experience in creating powerful digital transformations through their cutting-edge software engineering projects.

Hybrid app development is the answer to your every need! With Lazy Ants, you can develop stable and fully scalable enterprise-grade native apps on iOS or Android platforms and cross-platform ones, so they work seamlessly in any environment.

Lazy Ants knows that it will be best-in-class no matter what technology you choose for your mobile application needs. We can ensure a robust end product with an impeccable reputation to match our testing and expertise!

Furthermore, as a full-service iOS agency for mobile app development, we offer an array of services, including the strategy and design behind your application. As well, our programmers will also be responsible for 24-hour support throughout each stage from integration or upgrade until maintenance is required - if ever necessary!


The iPhone and iPad are two of the most popular mobile devices on this planet, with Apple being their operating system provider. The company's primary goal is to deliver an unmatched user experience that they have managed to accomplish through outstanding design features and quality products in general. These qualities make them number one among smartphones makers worldwide!

The best way to experience Lazy Ants' powerful iOS app development company is by using our ready-made or customizable apps. We combine hands-on expertise with quality assurance, delivering top-notch iOS applications that make your life easier when doing mobile shopping or other purposes for yourself!

We know that the process of developing an iOS app can be overwhelming, so we've made it our mission to help you get your idea into action. Our team will conduct research and develop a prototype before implementing any features or design elements - this way, there are no surprises when users interact with the final product!

Custom iPhone app development company for smart iOS solutions

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We are happy to offer you a free consultation where our experts can discuss your ideas and requirements.

Discuss project details with our business analyst

We'll schedule a time to talk with you via Skype, Google Meet, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or phone, so we can get the job done right!

Finalization of the project deadlines and time frame

We are committed to providing you with the best service possible. After discussing your requirements, our analyst will be in touch within two business days with a final proposal, including the schedule and costs for the project's development that meets all criteria specified by the client at the earliest convenience!

Agile based executing and delivery

With our large team, everyone plays a role in the different phases of iPhone app development. The process is followed by agile software engineers and managers using Jira for project management tooling updates to clients on an ongoing basis.

Project management and maintenance

With the help of our iPhone app development agency, you will be able to create an application that complies with all requirements set by Apple Store. Additionally, we can speed up your process and get it on their shelves as soon as possible!

Our iOS app development offers professional iPhone app programming services

iPhone App Design

With our cutting-edge iPhone app development services, you can design your application to meet the unique requirements of next-generation smartphones.

  • user-centered iOS app design
  • high resolution graphics creation wireframing & UI prototyping
  • Touch/gesture friendly interface

Custom iPhone App Development

With our high-profile iOS app development company, you can have end-to-end mobile applications that will engage your customers. We provide these features:

  • Native and cross-platform iPhone apps
  • Location based iOS app development
  • Hardware and software integrations
  • Customized management tool
  • Languages: Swift; Objective-C
  • Frameworks: CoCoa Controls; Cocos2D; Cocoa Touch; Native SDK

iPhone M-Commerce Application Development

Improve your e-commerce marketing and increase the number of customers with our affordable apps. We develop reliable iPhone m-commerce applications that will help you overgrow without breaking a sweat!

  • Improved search & filter tools
  • Shopping Cart & Payment Gateways
  • Dynamic price update and inventory management

iPhone game development

Our iOS app development agency has a track record of producing top-notch iPhone games. We can develop 2D/3D game apps for you, and our experts are experienced in creating quality software!

  • AR/VR iPhone App Development
  • Multiplayer Mission Games
  • Educational games
  • Sport App Development

Migration and maintenance service

Lazy Ants offers a lossless migration of your mobile apps with extensive and proven expertise. We also provide maintenance after Development so you can focus on essential aspects: bringing great new features to market!

  • iOS App Update & Migration
  • App Store iOS App Sharing
  • Client- and server-side management
  • Bug fixing and testing


We are always looking for creative minds who want to take their ideas and turn them into reality. If you're one such person, we would love it if your email included instructions on how best to describe the requirements of an iOS app so that our team can help get started with building right away!

The main difference between developing an iOS app natively and creating a cross-platform one is that with the former, you can take full advantage of all features for each respective platform. In contrast, developers have only limited access in the latter case due to code being written specifically for one system.

We will provide a rough estimate for the iOS app as soon as possible, usually after our first phone call. We encourage you to know what is expected from us so that it's easier on both ends during this process!

Developing an iPad-only app is lucrative because of how many people are using this device. You can make your business more accessible by creating a version for tablets, and it will also help with financial stability since you won't need as much funding or developers on staff to create one!

New iOS versions are released every year, but what happens when the team developing your app doesn't test it on these more recent systems before releasing? They might end up breaking things or causing unexpected bugs. To avoid this problem, we offer solutions for methods/functions no longer used in older apps that need updating, so they don't stop working after an update!

Developing an iOS app can be pretty expensive. The costs depend on how complex or simple your requirements are, but the average price range is between 5 thousand and 500 thousand euros!

We have an experienced and diverse design team that can take your project from start to finish. We'll work with you every step of the way, so don't hesitate to contact us today!

With our project management software, your team members are always in sync. You'll also have access to chat rooms where everyone is on the same page - no more lost messages or confused coworkers!

You are welcome to make payments on our work as it progresses. We will provide you with an invoice at each stage, and once that phase of the job is completed, we ask for payment from all succeeding phases together, so there are no delays due to finances!

We'd love to work with your team on setting up a server for the iOS app! You won't pay any additional fees, and our experts can help if you need expert assistance.

You can test the iOS app at any time and send us your comments. Our testing team will ensure it is working correctly with developers before releasing!

You can sign up for an Apple developer account at the cost of $99 per year.

Yes, submitting the iOS app to the App Store is our service.

We will send you the source code once we receive the final payment.

You can constantly update your iOS app once it's been released. We advise that you build the most basic version of this software and then add more features over time not to disrupt users who have already downloaded your application.

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