Our Vue.js development team actively uses this JavaScript environment for different projects.
Development of a user interface for displaying data, including analytics and statistics, which are collected from sensors for measuring traffic.
Development of an online store interface with a large number of users.
Development of a static page generator using predefined blocks that works as a landing page constructor.

Turnkey Vue.js Website Creation and Development

Vue.js consists of several components that resemble a hierarchy, that is, the program code can be divided into several interacting parts. This is convenient for creating a high-quality application. This will make it easier to maintain because, in the event of a failure in one component, we can avoid an error in another.

This is used in applications with several pages where one code is responsible for each page and files are assembled using import. Files are uploaded while moving between pages. Also, Vue.js websites use code separation beyond visibility. For example, when the application has uploaded 5 posts, 5 more are uploaded beyond visibility at the same time. This makes the application more productive and saves its resources.

Vue.js websites – scope of application

Vue.js websites are usually ordered for a small project that needs reactivity to display values during input, as well as authorization or other similar tasks. It can be easily scaled to handle more complex tasks, which is why Vue.js is considered one of the most powerful frameworks.

Vue.js can be applied in large single-page projects if you use Router or Vuex. It is better to use a developer to create solutions that work with an external API. This developer also helps in creating frontend blogs on the CMS. Vue.js is used when creating an interface that can adapt to the user. is one of the most successful projects made on Vue.js. This website is one of the most visited gaming resources in the world with more than 19 million fans. Developers were able to integrate both the opportunity to play the game online and lessons and blogs.

The second successful case is Livestorm, an application to record webinars. Instagram, Workable, Piperdrive also chose Vue.js for training and selling their services.

Advantages of using Vue.js

Advantages of Vue.js include:

  • Quick training for novice users.
  • Available documentation related to Vue.js and its key points.
  • Extensive community of Vue.js followers that guarantees a quick solution to issues, immediate feedback, etc.
  • High-quality and modern UI kits for Vue.js, including Material Design.
  • Facilitating the creation of a user interface for several products. For this purpose, Vue.js can also serve as a plugin.

Vue.js has a simple library that requires no special knowledge and experience. In addition, there are no requirements for the stack, and Vue.js is suitable for any project. Pages upload faster due to the lightweight framework.

The development speed is also high. Vue.js developer has available documentation and templates o quickly solve any issue. It helps to create applications with different functions when using a small number of resources.

How long does it take to develop an application?

The development of mobile applications requires a responsible approach in terms of preparation that determines the final deadlines. The first step is to determine the complexity of the application and the platform (iOS or Android). Creating an Android application takes 20-30 % longer than an iOS application since it requires testing on a larger number of different devices. The application development time varies from 3 days to 6 months depending on many factors that you can check with an experienced specialist.

Now we will determine what the cost of ordering such a service depends on:

  • functional load of applications
  • number of integrations with external services
  • complexity of elements and animations, as well as the number of screens
  • load of requests on the server
  • complexity of interaction between users
  • security requirements

Creating online Vue.js applications and websites with Lazy Ants

Several frameworks are used at once to develop websites based on JavaScript. Each of them is suitable for solving a certain range of tasks. Vue.js is used to create user interfaces and frontend.

  • If you need professional advice and JavaScript development, please contact Lazy Ants. Our experts will recommend the frameworks that are best suited for a particular project.
  • Our marketers and developers will study in detail the client's request, business needs, and project features. We will offer the optimal technological solution, taking into account the workload, the target audience, and the tasks that it should perform.
  • We strictly comply with the obligations on the project terms and costs.
  • Our professional team of experienced developers, designers, and analysts will work on your project. We will create an IT product that to meet your needs in full.

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