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The idea of an MVP is to test the viability of your product before you invest any time or money into it. Lazy Ants will help by conceptualizing, creating, and presenting a working version for testing purposes which could save tons on development costs down the line!

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MVP - Minimum Viable Product

What is MVP product development?

A minimum viable product (MVP) is a small but complete version of your final goal. It consists only of the necessary features to test one’s fundamental assumptions without losing sight of future possibilities. Which makes it perfect for testing new ideas or developing pilots to find out what works best before investing too much time and money into something that might turn out not to work at all like you initially thought!

The purpose of Minimum Viable Product (MVP) development is to identify the market for this specific product or service and present accurate information that meets the unique requirements of your users. A safe process, MVP software design makes use invalidating an idea by conducting user research and market studies the minimum viable set needed before moving onto more thorough testing phases.

Advantages of the Minimum viable product process

Started small and worked with customers to build their pre-production MVPs. Then we chose the best ideas from both sides so that our clients could focus on storytelling, not development - Lazy Ants has different goals than other agencies!

Following product iterations allow developers to avoid bugs and ensure that core functions meet the target group's needs.

Iterative process

It is essential to have a clear direction for your product. The product owner decides, thanks to frequent communication with customers and stakeholders. The next big update should go because real-time analysis of what users want allows you to continuously develop new features that satisfy their needs without making any mistakes along the way!

Core functions

The MVP defines the actual value and focuses on making it interesting for users. Our team ensures quality in these features that will ensure customer satisfaction and make your service user-friendly, so they don't need much help from you to get started!

Fast customer retention

Early adopters are critical because these users have already given feedback that can help you improve your product. The team will consider both positive and negative comments as they work on making it better for everyone in future versions of this software or app!

Cost efficiency

You'll know what to build when you start with an MVP and its core features. It will help avoid wasting time or money on unnecessary functions since user insights are at your disposal! Stakeholders can't be happier; they're more than satisfied by how much knowledge this approach provides about their needs for product development.

How Lazy Ants can help you as an MVP agency

With our expertise in designing and developing MVPs, we can help you create a sleek prototype of your mobile app or web service. This will allow for testing out different features without having too much overhead cost with hiring full-time staff members who may not be needed at all due to the nature/size of the project being worked on!

What can we do for you?

With our expertise in designing and developing MVPs, we can help you create a sleek prototype of your mobile app or web service. This will allow for testing out different features without having too much overhead cost with hiring full-time staff members who may not be needed at all due to the nature/size of the project being worked on!


It's not easy to create a successful product. The target group or competitors need to choose technology wisely for an accurate idea about the development process. Lastly, we will help guide this ship into its final destination! We start with the integrated web and mobile strategy, where we put our heads together to review your business goals.

MVP Mobile Apps

Our developers have a variety of experiences to bring ideas into reality. We develop MVP mobile apps and MVP websites that work well and look good on any device, whether your phone or tablet!

Custom software

Unlike most other companies, we pride ourselves on developing custom software for our clients. Our team is dedicated to understanding your unique business needs and then creating a solution tailored just for you!

Hire MVP software development team

MVP Team

MVP Company is a well-known and reliable partner for companies worldwide to develop their MVP app. We have an experienced software development team that can handle any front end, back end, or full-stack development task you throw at them!

Let's get down to brass tacks. We are an MVP-based company that firmly believes in software development and designing out-of-the-box features for your end-users who expect this from you, as well as themselves!

Whether you’re a single MVP developer or the entire team, we assure you that we will provide your business needs with our high-quality Minimum Viable Product Development Services.

MVP Development Services in Details

Business Analysis

Lazy Ants helps businesses and startups to get their new products out quickly to meet the goals of your business. Our agile development process means we can create an MVP that meets all requirements, which is why our clients love us!

At the intersection between your goals and priorities is where we find success. Evaluating customers and competition in this particular market segmentation can help to integrate ideas into an overall marketing strategy that helps you leverage your strengths while profiting from opportunities for growth within it too!

As soon as we know what you want to do and how Lazy Ants will concretize your product concept, we will work with the team of people planning to use this software to fit seamlessly into their business plans!

Marketing strategy

Lazy Ants puts the users' needs first. We don't develop an MVP based on assumed preferences. Instead, we ask what they want and then make sure that our solution meets those minimal requirements.

One of the most critical aspects of developing a product for your users and gaining valuable market insight is looking at what people value. We do this with our client's target audience, who will also analyze industry needs because they care about how we make products that have an easy-to-use design, so it's more enjoyable than anything else!

The marketing team considers the user's preferences by evaluating various factors that solve their problems and differentiate your product from other similar offerings on today's market. After completing this phase, we laid a practical foundation for launching successful products in later stages.

Strategic plan

We start by presenting you with a plan that details how we would proceed. In doing so, the information about your company and user data is used to show what kind of product might work best for both parties involved to create an effective solution accessible via mobile devices or desktop computers as needed-now!

Based on our analysis, we detail how MVP development fits into your business plan. Our strategy aims to achieve short-term and long-term goals with your existing capabilities and resources.

Based on our experience in developing MVPs and understanding your needs, we were able to provide a plan that will allow you to move forward with the platform's development. Our strategic approach includes validated product concepts and technologies necessary for rapid implementation at an affordable price point.

Prototype design

We design the highest-fidelity prototype possible with an agile approach that prioritizes features based on user preferences. Our goal is to develop prototypes tailored specifically towards desiredUX/UI while still providing enough functionality to be used at all levels of development without any significant changes required after going live! We consider your business needs and environment for a smooth transition into production, including functions designed by you in our team or from scratch if necessary.

We will add the priority list with additional product functions and features based on feedback from our prototype. Once we clearly understand what users require for feasibility, we can then define the minimum functionality to move forward in development!

The Lazy Ants team uses a prototype to show stakeholders what is possible and get them excited about the idea. We add features as we go through our priority list until arriving at an MVP that's meaningful for everyone involved in the product development process.

Project development

Our dedicated MVP development team gets to work and creates the product for you based on what your customers want. Our design process starts by understanding how a prototype would function with these features before building it from scratch or adding more functions onto an existing model as needed.

Our approach is designed to get you into production quickly and at a low cost while also developing exceptional products. Key features include scalable infrastructure that allows easy product distribution with user-centered design for flexibility in extensions down the line if needed!

We work with you to create a launch that gets your product in front of people and ensures its success. We'll find what functions users like best and which ones are less valuable, so we can tailor future launches for early adopters who will spread the word about it online before others know how good our new version is!

Product development

To stay ahead of the competition, it is essential for businesses and companies alike to identify their current needs and what those will be in 5 years. This way, they can more effectively plan out how much time covers regarding cost-effective solutions and incorporate customer feedback into future product development efforts from day one instead of doing things on an ad-hoc basis when something new comes up!

Our goal is to have the best possible results, so we're always thinking about how a business could grow or change over time with new information available. Our practical analysis and user-centered design will help you respond appropriately when changes happen in your market. We get feedback from our clients on what they need, not just about their needs.

The features and adaptability of our MVP designs make it possible for you to take action quickly. We ensure that your product can evolve as needed, giving the steering wheel in development the right direction, so it's always up-to-date with what people want from their products today!

What to know about MVP

MVP in details

How long does an MVP development take?

The answer to this question depends entirely on your specifications and desired end product. If it's done quickly, we can use more resources or if cost is an issue - slow down the pace for a stretched out development which will take longer but also stretch things out in terms of scope complexity, etc., so that they fit into what you were looking for when all said.

What information do I need to provide?

However, we have found that an initial discussion will help determine what information you are looking for and how best to fit our services into your project's needs. So give us a call! The more details, the better.

Can you also work with XY technology?

We are technology agnostic, so we don't want to dictate what technologies or development platforms you use. That said, though, our experienced MVP team has worked with many different kinds of projects, so if there's a specific one that interests us, then no problem!

Development framework of an MVP

The four-step process for developing an app or web service begins with learning about your users and their needs. This includes understanding how they behave, what information interests them most closely (their preferences). Any problems that might exist in current systems that you plan to solve using your idea - all while taking into account data collection methods like surveys, etc.


Developing the MVP with us from the beginning will have huge advantages. One good reason is that we start programming quickly, a significant advantage in the startup world where the rule of thumb says that if you don't move fast enough, you're dead. With our company, you can rest assured knowing that answers have been thought through and answered beforehand. Hence, there's no need for explanations twice-the first time was during initial planning meetings when details were discussed.


Once you've released the MVP, it's time for your customers to hop on board and give feedback about what they love or dislike. We will set up a measurement system to learn more about our users' behavior as well as their preferences in terms of features - together with an analysis based on this information. Once customized by both parties involved, we are confident there won't be any problems when developing into something people enjoy using!


We are committed to improving your MVP every day so that you can achieve the results of an evaluation. In addition, we continuously develop new features and changes for a better user experience while also exploring monetization tests to provide growth options at any time necessary throughout this process.


If you need help to make changes for your application's success, our team will work with you and provide radical solutions that could lead the way forward. We know how a start-up operates. We've developed MVPs before - our applications are easily changeable!

What does an MVP cost?

MVP Cost

There are various parts to developing an MVP, but you can decide whether or not they all apply.

You can spend as little or much money you want on your product, but the more features it has - both internal and external-the higher the cost will be. It's important to research how much something costs before launching so that when people buy into what we're doing, they have an idea in their heads of where this whole process starts from!

We always strive to keep expenses low and offer a fair price. We recognize that an MVP is about testing theories quickly. We will work with your specifications to get back information on what needs changing or improving before going any further!

We don't know the answer to this question until we've had a conversation with you. The best way is to contact us - there's no wrong option when it comes to cost-effectiveness vs. what you are precisely looking at. Sometimes our clients need an MVP for 5k euros; other times, they want one costing 50K or more! So let's talk about how these things work together instead of guessing blindly as most companies do without knowing anything specific beforehand.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions & answers

Of course, we can! We have a qualified core team, and if needed, our capacity will expand as necessary.

Development time can vary from project to project, but it's usually between one and four months.

Tech is changing rapidly, and so is how we deliver our products. Mobile, web, or AR/VR - it's all about being able to provide your customer with what they need when they want it!

We should test the prototype before we start development. There may be unpleasant surprises in store for us if it's not tested thoroughly enough, so let's make sure there aren't any!

Of course, we are happy to help you! Let's work on your product design and MVP definition together.

We solve customer business problems.

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