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Our top Ionic experts can easily build creative and professional looking mobile applications

Ionic development services

Ionic development servicesFrom simple apps to complex CMS for e-commerce websites, Lazy Ants ionic Development Services are ground on building and delivering projects of any size at affordable prices.

Lazy Ants team of ionic app developers can create intuitive and interactive hybrid apps. By outsourcing ionic mobile app development services to us, you can enrich your enterprise processes and operations by availing the following services

Features of Ionic framework

Cross Platform – Using Ionic you can develop multiple applications (desktop, progressive web, native mobile app) with a single shared code base.

Intuitive User Experience – Ionic provides simple and practical themes and leverages and builds upon the UI flexibility from Native APIs to deliver seamless experience to end users

Performance – Ionic leverages hardware accelerated CSS, responsive navigation and other industry best practices to maintain high performance in apps.

Scalability – Ionic allows enterprises to easily scale the mobile application to high number of users as well as establish multiple touchpoint to end users at a reduced cost of build

Ionic mobile app development solution we provide

Enterprise application development

As a prominent enterprise mobile application development company, we have worked on the development of several mobile apps.

E-Commerce application development

Under our Ionic Mobile app development solutions, we can use Ionic to create robust e-commerce applications.

Custom plugin development

For ionic framework, custom plugins form an important aspect for building unique applications.

Entertainment application

Under our Ionic mobile app development services, we make use of the open-source SDK to build hybrid and progressive entertainment, including video & music apps, gaming applications, etc.

Ionic mobile app development solution we provide

As a market-leader in Ionic mobile app development services, we follow a proven approach to make sure that we complete the project on time without compromising on the quality. The steps include:

01. Requirement gathering

At first, we will reach out to you to gather your requirements and plan the next procedures.

02. Wireframe creation

Thereafter, our team will start working on the wireframe development. The prototype will encompass all the features that you wanted.

03. App development

FOnce you approve the prototype, our ionic app developers will start working on app development. They will also integrate each custom feature into the app.

04. Testing

At this stage, we will incorporate the experience of our QA experts. They will thoroughly check the application for performance issue.

05. Deployment & Release

After the QA team okays the app, we will release the application and deploy it into the corresponding app store.

06. Maintenance & Support

Lastly, we will keep providing support and maintenance for the app. If any upgrades or updates are required, our team will take care of it.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions & answers

Hiring a company for Ionic mobile app development is quite simple. We will contact you and evaluate the project scope before providing our proposal, which can include different assignment models depending on your needs!

You can outsource your Ionic app development to us. We have a team of experts who will help you choose the most appropriate technology for your project - one that is cost-efficient, future proof and fits into existing IT ecosystems while meeting business goals at all times!

You can always hire our full-time developers to work on your project. We have a team of experienced ionic platform experts who will help you develop an app for iOS and Android devices, as well!

The cost of your Ionic mobile app development project is influenced by various parameters, such as the scope and technology utilized. The team at our firm endeavors to maintain a balance between price points or budget with high-quality results for you!

We provide login details for app development projects to stay up-to-date with your project's progress. This way, you can always see what is going on in real-time and give necessary feedback!

An Ionic mobile app development company can take between one and three months to get your project up and running. We use agile methods for faster delivery, so you'll have access to the latest features before they're publicly available!

We are here to help you bring your project into the future with our cutting-edge technology and innovative skills. Let us know what needs doing to estimate how much time it will take!

As an Ionic app developer, we offer post-development support. This includes maintenance and updates if you have our extended warranty or want to enter a contract with us for other services like consulting on your project.

We have seen many companies take advantage of our team extensions, which allow them to bring in an extra set of highly skilled developers on board for Ionic app development.

You can commission changes to the Ionic app. The cost will depend on what you want, and we'll make sure it fits into our schedule!

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