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Progressive web apps are the future of mobile application development. They offer features like push notifications, offline usage, and more than just a simple app download; it's an experience you can have on your device no matter where or what browser window is open! Progressive Web Apps are a way to power your website without sacrificing performance. The apps have all the benefitsthat make users happy, like fast loading times and offline capability!

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What is a Progressive Web App (PWA)?

PWA development

Progressive Web Apps are now a popular way to deliver user experiences on the web. Google describes them as "a new type of application that can be installed quickly, updated automatically, and used from any device with internet access."

Progressive Web Apps are designed to work well on any network, even when you're offline. Push notifications to let users know about new content or activities in your app without having an internet connection - ideal for those who don't always have access! These features make the user experience more consistent and powerful no matter what device they use (think phone apps).

What Progressive Web Apps are

Reliable - They must never fail, even if the network connection is poor.

Fast - Easily scroll and move through pages with fluid animations that never stop.

Responsive - It feels like a real app on the end device, with an immersive user experience.

As an agency specializing in PWA development, we're excited to talk about how Progressive Web Apps can improve your project and make it more engaging for users. Give us a call today!

Why choose Lazy Ants PWA agency?

It's time to put your business on the cutting edge with Progressive Web Apps. We'll help you build an app that can adapt and function anywhere, even with no network connection or power!

Business-oriented solution

We provide a full range of services to help your business grow. From the very first meeting through implementation, we'll guide you every step along the way so that everything will go as planned and on time!

Switching to PWA

We help brands working with websites and native mobile apps migrate their presence to PWA with our expertise. This allows them access and an opportunity for growth by expanding into markets around the world where users are Untapped!

Safe ecosystem

We use SSL encryption to protect your PWA and data. We further enhance security with our multiple layers of defense so you can rest assured that no one will be accessing or capturing any information on the site without permission from both parties involved in an interaction!

App Shell Model

We build PWA solutions with an app shell model to provide a superior user experience that doesn't come at the cost of downtime or delays.

Search engine friendly solution

A leading PWA app development company, we create apps easily accessed and indexed by Google SERP. Our knowledge of search engine optimization (SEO) ensures high rankings for increased visibility in the organic results, which means more conversions!

Higher conversion rates

Your end-users will feel like using a native app with our PWA solutions. We offer you robust, trustworthy services that can increase conversion rates across all platforms and browsers - no matter what device your customers use!

Up-to-date PWA solution

We develop the best PWA solutions that can be regularly updated in an HTTPS protocol and used by applications to gain access. These web apps will protect you from content eavesdropping, manipulation of your data, or any other unwanted behavior on a website's corner!

Advanced development approach

Our PWA developers use the most innovative technologies and tools like Angular, React, and Vue.js to develop high-level solutions that will help you take your business online more rapidly than ever before!

End-to-end support and maintenance

We're here to address any issues that might affect system efficiency with a team of skilled support staff. Our experts ensure your PWA solution is up-to-date and compatible with the latest technology, so you can focus on what matters - running a fantastic business!

Basics of PWA development

How PWA is developed

Web apps are no longer just for computer scientists and hackers. They've become a tool that anyone with an internet connection can use. Progressive Web Apps give users access to all of the features you would find in any native app without having to install anything on their phone or tablet - which means there is less risk involved if someone doesn't want what your website offers!

Frances Berriman and Google Chrome engineer Alex Russell developed the concept of the Progressive Web app in 2015, and it has significantly increased since then. Many companies are starting to create these apps because they have an incredible performance level with high user engagement.

PWA features are not yet fully supported, but you can take advantage of Progressive Web App functionality to some degree, even the most straightforward websites. The ability of a site or app user's browser to work offline is one example that might be worth considering. It will increase user engagement with your website to use their mobile data connection whenever possible. Other examples include adding PWA's home screen tile so visitors know what content they should expect when visiting from any device without connecting online first.

Whether to develop a project as PWA is not an easy decision. It kind of feels like fate or something! Many factors must be considered and weighed for this choice to make sense, but when it's right there.

Why develop a PWA?

Increases conversions

They offer smooth navigation to capture the interest and increase the conversion rate.

App-like performance

The product takes the form of an app and operates like one. Therefore, it's easy to navigate with clear instructions on each screen.

Works offline

One tap is all it takes to get started. Run efficiently and smoothly, even when you're offline!

Push notifications

By sending push notifications or messages, PWA reminds and motivates the user.


You can keep your users coming back for more by delivering push notifications that remind them how much you care about their needs and interests.


PWAs are a great way to provide smooth interaction for users on any device. They work with all browsers regardless of screen size, so you don't need different templates or coding to have a compelling user experience!

Easy installation

The user can install it simply by visiting your website and adding it to the Home screen of his gadget.

Easily accessible

The browser prompts users to add the web application to their home screen, making your business accessible in a matter of seconds.

Our services in the development of progressive web applications

We provide high-end, progressive web app development solutions that are remarkably efficient and responsive. With our services, you can ensure your users have an immersive experience while visiting the site!

Custom Progressive Web App Development

With our custom web applications, you can have a painless and fast-loading user experience. We build progressive apps with anintuitive design that makes them easy to use for everyone - no matter what device they're browsing from!

Responsive web app design

You can trust our experienced progressive web app developers to create a platform that will deliver seamless interactivity across multiple devices and browsers.

Progressive web design and development

We enable your customers to take advantage of the unique features offered by mobile devices in ways that traditional browsers can't. With standardized and seamless progressive enhancement, we provide a consistent user experience, so you don't have any difficulty converting users into sales leads or attendance register patients while they're on the go!

Application Shell Architecture

We develop PWA based on the app shell model to provide an exceptional user experience with easy navigation and high speed without any degradation.

Quality assurance tests

We do our best to make sure you're satisfied with the results. We offer comprehensive testing and support for all PWA solutions, so your app will get bug-free!

Safe data migration

We take data-driven approaches to web application development with quick, smooth, and secure transitions between browsers.

What does progressive web app development cost?

What a PWA costs

Progressive web apps are a great way to make your website more accessible for users with disabilities. They can be designed and developed to work on either mobile devices or computers, giving people who need help accessing content independence when offline too! The cost of creating this type of app depends mainly upon what you're looking at doing - it could range anywhere from the free upfront if all there is in terms of features like AMP (which helps speed loading times), payments, etc. Still, it may also include some additional infrastructure costs depending upon how much functionality has been incorporated into the codebase.

PWA solutions are now possible for companies of all sizes and complexity. The use of state-of-the-art technologies, such as modern JS with a headless approach, enables us to implement individual PWA in young, dynamic organizations and established IT structures.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions & answers

Unlike web apps, PWA can provide a native experience for mobile users. This is done by taking advantage of features such as push notifications without relying on browsers and giving each user access to only those elements compatible with their device's operating system/screen size - no different than if it were an actual app!

PWA provides an efficient and customizable user experience at lower costs than native apps. With traditional methods of building it themselves or hiring another developer team to do so alongside yourself to get things done quicker, there's no need to use web technologies like Chrome browser plugins, etc. The development process is fast, saving time for companies who want their product as soon as possible.

As a product owner on this project, you will be involved in bi-weekly presentations and planning sessions. These meetings allow us to bring your vision for the application's features into reality. While also allowing me or any other member of my team time to fix any bugs found during testing before delivering them back up again so that they can get prioritized accordingly!

We've implemented many projects using this technology. Our team developed a mobile application that offers them an incredibly excellent user experience in one last project. At the same time, they browse through the available offerings and receive excellent customer service from it too!
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