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Lazy Ants ERP agency helps businesses digitize their operations and automate tasks using Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. These customized applications enable faster decision making accurate information processing which incorporates real-time data to improve the operational efficiency of business processes within these companies or segments of organizations.

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Our software development experts understand the importance of aligning technology with your business goals, no matter what size or nature of the organization you have.

ERP systems are designed to help companies plan their operations, manage and optimize internal business processes. They include manufacturing supply chain finance customer relationship management human resources inventory management among other things - all of which can be integrated into a single system with ERP application software!

The Software as a Service (SaaS) is becoming more and more popular with organizations realizing its benefits to streamline work processes. SaaS offers significant advantages over traditional methods, making it one of the most desired products in today's marketplace.

Lazy Ants is a leading ERP development agency that provides the best software solutions for manufacturing and trading companies in the SMEs sector. The company's knowledge-based systems automate business processes to improve efficiency, track inventory levels more accurately than ever before with our state of art technology platform.

The early decentralization of information allows for increased efficiency and growth. With years in the industry, we provide ERP software that meets many needs to our customers with their ever-changing technology needs at hand.

Why is ERP software development critical to your business?


Our ERP agency can help you save time on repetitive tasks by eliminating the need for manual data entry. This process streamlines business processes and makes it easier to enter all relevant information into an automated system, saving hours each week!

Customer service

When you hire us to develop ERP applications, we provide a system that eliminates the hassle and boost customer service. This will make it much easier for sales representatives or staff members in charge of interacting with your customers on any side of transactions- whether they're selling something, asking about order status, whatever!

Integrated information

With our ERP applications, you can find all of your data in one place. With a single database, you can have an up-to-date and consistent copy that's easy for everyone on the team to work from, so no more spreadsheets or poorly organized files!


The accuracy, consistency, and data security you get with your new ERP system are unparalleled. With software testing for error correction to ensure protection against any unwanted information management changes, it's clear that this company cares about their customers' assets more than anyone else!


With the help of advanced reporting tools, business managers can easily create their reports without depending on IT staff. This means that companies can more efficiently use data for decision making and improve response times in case any issues arise with system performance or availability ERP software developers ensure users have access not only to see but also act upon all available information at once so they do not need hours worth search through spreadsheets one report may take minutes while others could require days

Reduced operating costs

The most immediate benefit of implementing an ERP system is lower operating costs, such as reduced inventory control and production.

Functions of the customized ERP software

Functions customized ERP

Lazy Ants' custom ERP solutions have various features and functions, all designed to create an all-inclusive business solution that enables smooth operations.

  • Customer management (CRM)
  • Sales Management
  • Corporate asset management
  • Material Resource Planning (MRP)
  • Financial Management
  • GR Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Project management and control
  • Supply chain management
  • Order management
  • Warehouse management
  • Document management
  • Service management
  • Field service management
  • Reporting & Analysis

How does the development of ERP applications proceed?

Procedure of individual ERP development

ERP development is essential for companies of all sizes. Our custom ERPsoftware developers and analysts have developed business automation systems that meet the needs of various industries, including manufacturing, retailing, or transportation & logistics - it depends on your requirements! The enterprise application designteam at Lazy Ants consists of experienced project managers (PM),QA engineers and testers, as well as scrum masters if needed, who can help you make sure everything goes smoothly during every stage before delivering the final product capable of running efficiently across the entire organization.

When we receive an assignment from a client, our team will review all business processes and ERP software requirements. We'll analyze the company's divisions for insight into how they operate to create a strategy that meets their needs while also meeting those of you who are using it!

Creating an efficient and effective enterprise resource planning (ERP) system is complicated. It takes time for development before fulfilling contract requirements begin, so clients are fully supported throughout their cooperation phase. Enterprise-level software like the one we make has two levels. Company level, which includes all departments within your business or organization. Branch/plant-specific elements that allow each location to operate independently. But remain united through integration into one database management system run by experts who know what they're doing from experience in this field.

Why choose our ERP agency for custom ERP system development?

Lazy Ants has been developing enterprise applications for 13 years. Our developers carefully analyze your business and competition to understand how best to provide solutions, combining customer needs with our ideas on time! We know that you're busy, so let us take care of everything from design to programming, allowing greater efficiency when running an entire company's operations without weighing too much responsibility upon one person. Customized ERP development significantly reduces the workload while improving success rates across all industries - this translates into higher profits through improved inventory management or better sales.

Why develop a customized ERP solution: Custom vs. standard solution

Why not build your ERP system? Custom systems are great options to meet all of the requirements in one package.

We all know the feeling of buying something and being overwhelmed by choice. It's enough just picking out one thing! But what if I told you there was an easy way around this? That would be precisely why we're here - ready with a customized ERP software solution designed specifically for YOUR needs; off-the-shelf systems vary widely between brands, which means more time spent figuring out how each product works instead... right?

More flexibility

The future of your company is in the hands of enterprise-ready software. A custom ERP system can be designed, built, and integrated to meet any need for you or even just one employee. With personalized features that suit their use cases - giving them complete control over investing into this long-term project while also keeping up on changes if they wish so too!


Every business is different. More and more companies are choosing to develop solutions for their specific problems, rather than adapting processes off-the-shelf software or creating tools that can realize the potential of their enterprises in this way as well.

Long-term profitability

The perfect solution for your business, ERP software is a one-time investment that provides more excellent value than off-the-shelf products with no licensing fees. Build upon features tailored to optimize productivity and save long term while still providing an excellent return on investment!

100 % Ownership

With the ability to create their own ERP solution, companies are opening up doors for growth both within and outside of an organization.

Pricing for the realization of your own ERP system

ERP software development is an intricate process that involves several factors. Some cost items have nothing at all to do with ERP, but you should still be aware of them, and below I will list some important ones: Fees for custom work or feature requests can add up quickly -No two projects are alike, so there's no way for us (or anyone else) to know precisely what your budget might want without talking directly about it.

Development and integration

The ERP software developers have to create complicated and expensive pieces of work. The team comprises designers and testers as well as project managers who are all essential for this process; we must also consider space requirements when developing an effective system like these!


It takes employees to adapt and learn a new system can be costly. In the long run, your company's productivity will suffer as they struggle with this unfamiliar tool, so you should plan by offering training when necessary before launching into ERP implementation or at least giving your team ample warning about any changes coming up!

Bringing the company up to speed

ERP systems aren't just a way to make your business more productive, and they're also an opportunity for you and other management team members. As automation software is designed by industry professionals with decades' worth of experience in developing this type of system, few things are left up too, which means taking on new tasks or adapting old ones! That's not all, though- because ERPs save time when it comes down to automating mundane work like data entry, we can free our managers' schedules so that their attention is focused solely where it is needed most: leading people toward success.


The ERP system can be an on-premise or in the cloud solution. Hardware and network components do not last forever, so it's essential to hire technicians who will check your condition regularly for any issues with hardware before they arise - this way, you avoid costly downtime! You might also want professional support when implementing new software into existing environments. Sometimes, these customized programs require more expertise than just one person has available (this could mean hiring DevOps services).


Every company has a workflow, and as such, every change in that work environment will affect ERP software. For example, create another department or add more employees to your team. Those new members should have access via their login credentials for everything on file with the system - otherwise, what's even the point? Over time these changes can start making sense when we look at them from this perspective!

FAQ - Frequently asked questions & answers

Does this passage describe what exactly raw lap ERP stands for? ERP is a system that unites all mechanisms within the company and creates an environment where each participant has certain rights. This makes it possible to manage large corporations, streamlining operations with automation in many processes which minimize errors probability highly unlikely.

A unified information base is a key to success for any company. ERP systems make this possible by combining all areas of your business into one database that can be accessed at will with ease and efficiency!

The cost of implementing an enterprise resource planning system can be high, but it's well worth the investment. First, you have to plan and analyze your business before developing individual solutions for each problem that needs solving within this framework; then come functional modules which are put into operation once completed - usually at a price per task ranging from €40+.

When you need to develop an ERP system for your company, the process can take time. Your team will have a thorough testing phase where they look at each stage of development and select tools that solve personal problems within their business needs. Тhis means it is essential not only to order these services in advance but also to stay involved throughout all stages to best prepare when implementation begins!

ERP software development is a process of creating enterprise resource planning systems. The most crucial business processes are managed and interpreted using these applications, which collect information from various sources within an organization to make real-time decisions about what needs doing next or how best to organize resources throughout its workflow diagramming system(s).

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