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TYPO3 cms development

For those looking for an open-source CMS that doesn't come with expensive licensing fees, TYPO3 is a perfect choice. Unlike proprietary software platforms, which require signing contracts and subscriptions before using them - all of your budgets can go towards great design layout work or high-quality content!

The benefits of open source are vast and can be seen across many industries. Corporates have been using it for years now, but only recently did they begin opting back into proprietary software due to the enormous cost savings associated with this form of technology innovation - no license fees!

We have been involved with various types of technology over the years - from blogs to portals. But nothing has compared in terms of power to this richly customizable CMS system! TYPO3 is not just a website publishing environment. It's also an e-commerce platform that offers unparalleled levels of scalability and flexibility.

TYPO3 CMS facts that you should know

  • a robust set of business capabilities
  • 'Out of the box' solutions allow website development across many domains and languages.
  • Open source license
  • The Linux, Apache, MYSQL, and PHP platforms are used to create a LAMP-based architecture (Linux, Apache, MYSQL, PHP)
  • Low cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Community of active developers
  • There are a large number of valuable Extensions available.
  • Secure - a proven component of the company's IT infrastructure
  • Future-proof architecture

Choosing a CMS platform

Most CMS platforms should fare well compared to your feature list, but this is only half the story. We need to see how effectively the features/functions are implemented. This is where TYPO3 distinguishes itself from its competitors.

The architecture is based on a plugin and extension system

The flexible, extensible design of TYPO3 empowers you to extend the CMS platform's functionality significantly. Unlike other CMS platforms, TYPO3 has a robust extension architecture that lets you dramatically expand features. Extensions may be used on the core CMS application, ensuring that new capabilities can be added without affecting future upgrades.

TYPO3 has many add-ons and plugins, with over 25,000 extensions available to meet almost any need, such as blogs, polls, SOLR search, social integration, news feeds, video integration, and more.

Workflow and staging

Although most CMS systems enable you to work on a draft version of a page, enterprise clients demand considerably more power.

The capabilities available in TYPO3's workspaces are more developed and robust than those found in most other content management systems. Editors can work on several draft versions of the website, providing draft links to colleagues who can preview the material and allowing the material to be published through various workspaces on the live website.

Authentication/integration for enterprises

Security, authentication, and permissions are critical to business and corporate customers.

The TYPO3 permission system is a granular, intelligent tool that can authenticate against LDAP or Active Directory to bring your entire infrastructure into compliance.

Multi-lingual support

TYPO3 provides robust multi-lingual capabilities, allowing for parity and non-parity approaches to multi-lingual websites.

The power of TYPO3 is its ability to bulk export and import XML content with translated words, sentences, or even paragraphs at once. This speeds up the translation process dramatically!

Version control, history, and rollback are all possible

Typo3 offers intelligent version control for every element of your site, not just pages. This means you can roll back to earlier versions of content and track who made changes or updates with a complete historical audit on a user-by-user basis - helping ensure the highest level security standards are met at all times!

TYPO3 is different than other solutions

As a full-service digital web agency, we need to ensure that the best CMS platforms are used for our client's projects. As an expert TYPO3 agency, it's not enough to carry on blindly using one platform. So regularly evaluate which ones like Drupal might be more suitable considering whether WordPress will do what you want?

TYPO3 is the best choice for clients who need enterprise-level capabilities in their projects, outshining other open-source platforms that struggle to offer these features. It also has superior functionality and benefits compared with commercial options while free of charge!

FAQ - Frequently asked questions & answers

What is TYPO3?As one of the most popular and well-known content management systems worldwide, typo3 can be used for websites and intranet solutions. The system allows users to enter and edit miscellaneous data with individual access rights. At the same time, the structure maintains its individuality through design or technical basis - all without affecting any other aspects in use within your business!

TYPO3 is subject to the GNU General Public License, so you won't have any license costs for using it. However, setup fees and individual developments of customized extensions may be paid with your money if desired!

We have a wide range of experience in all areas. We can help you with your project from the ground up or make adjustments if templates are already available for what you need to do!

The worldwide developer community and the TYPO3 Association ensure continuous further development. They're constantly expanding adapting to current standards - which means you can be sure your site will always go through an update process no matter what part of it needs changing or improving!

Content management systems allow anyone to create and edit content without HTML or programming knowledge. A common analogy is that of the word processor. You can type away without understanding what your letters look like on paper, making it easier than ever before!

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