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Let our team of experts help you build a custom Shopware platform to enhance your e-commerce productivity.

Why should you hire Lazy Ants as your Shopware design and development company?

Lazy Ants is a Shopware development agency that can take your brand to the next level with bespoke digital stores. We provide opportunities for merchants to stand out from competitors by featuring their products prominently in front-of users' eyes and encouraging conversion rates. We have built extensive knowledge providing global brands for years, and our expertise allows us to reflect the character of the business.

Our e-commerce designers and developers can help you find your way with their vast experience. We'll guide them through which platform best suits each client's needs or even recommend an edition of that particular software if they're not sure themselves! We are heading into a world where the competition is tough.

What are the benefits of choosing Shopware as an e-commerce platform?

Shopware is an open-source e-commerce solution. We're here with expert developers who can help you decide what's best suited just right from the free community version up to enterprise! Shopware has a variety of packages for every budget and need. Most importantly, though - no matter your level or size- there are always plenty of features available so that anyone can take advantage.

Shopware's open-source nature means that users can adapt and customize their stores as they please. This leads to increased innovation through collaboration with external developers who can help build new features for the platform, such as animations or interactions on websites.

Shopware is a lot more straightforward to use than other platforms

Shopware is an intuitive and easy-to-use e-commerce platform. It has a simple drag & drop interface, making it great for beginners who want something without complicated features. It is also appealing among experienced users looking at expanding their business with additional functionality or web designers wanting one more client on board.

Story of Shopware

Shopware's storytelling feature allows customers to experience the store as if they were in real life. It creates an emotional bond between them and your business, making it all too easy for people who shop online. Often have their moments muted by technology compared with those who do not use any mobile device while browsing products offline or waiting rooms.

Internationalization and Localisation

Shopware provides the necessary tools to quickly expand your online store into other markets. With its flexible tax rates and translation features, you will be able to take advantage of growth opportunities worldwide while maintaining consistency between versions in different languages for maximum conversion potential.


Shopware's one-time payment system means that you can save money in the long run as other platforms apply monthly rates to each of their different tiers. When compared with these enterprises, Shopware boasts an extremely low COI - which is why they are considered among some experts on e-commerce best practices!

Shopware Development Services & Solutions

Custom Shopware Development

We know that each brand has its demands, and we offer custom Shopware development to make sure your store complies with them. Our team of developers is good at front-end work and backend duties so that you can get an excellent user experience from the start!

Shopware User Experience and UI Design Solution

We know that a great UI/UX is necessary for an effective digital platform, and we can help you get there with our Shopware design services. Our clients gain user-friendly interfaces which simplify the shopping experience while ensuring better retention on their websites thanks to innovative designs tailored just right around your business objectives!

Solution for Web Design & Integration

We are not just designers. We're creative problem solvers. Our team of talented professionals will collaborate with you to create a website that reflects your brand identity and delivers an unbeatable user experience for visitors while increasing conversions on the site!

Shopware Plug-in development

Integrating our plug-ins into your e-commerce platform will allow you to customize it as needed. We work hard so that each plug-in has the necessary features and functions integrated seamlessly, giving users greater flexibility when browsing for products on their website or app!

Shopware Payment Integration

We make sure that your Shopware store is fully functional. We integrate the payment systems of all major providers and offer a wide range of services so that you can enjoy an easy-to-use system in no time!

Support & Maintenance for Shopware

With Lazy Ants, your website is always up-to-date and maintained. We provide 24*7 support after delivery to ensure you don't face any technical glitches in the future! Our team also stays in touch with our clients to have a flawless experience on their new platform.

Shopware Mobile Commerce Solution

Mobile Commerce with Shopware

Shopware provides a fully-functional API for building mobile apps. Our responsive and appealing designs will ensure that your consumers are given an experience like no other as they browse products from all around the world on their smartphones or tablets! We provide:

FAQ - Frequently asked questions & answers

Shopware is an open-source e-commerce platform built around the ideas and spirit of its community. You can take part in shaping this story by developing for Shop ware, which will help you grow too!

Shopware is free to download, and the community edition can be installed on servers for no charge. The professional version costs 99 Euro per month, while enterprise pricing starts around 2.495 Euro monthly.

Shopware is an excellent platform for B2B e-commerce. With Shopware's numerous extensions, you can create an online store that meets your needs and exceeds expectations!

No, but it does provide the ability to build one. Customers who use their API may create customized apps explicitly tailored around what you need in your store!

Shopware is an open-source, flexible, and robust system that provides information technology's most suitable technical base. It has a user-friendly interface with less complexity to suit today's technological world, where daily challenges arise.

Shopware is a flexible and powerful system that can be used for many tasks. It's probably not the right fit if you are looking to build an online market, but it may work well as the framework of your project nonetheless!

Shopware is a flexible and modern system that can keep up with your online business changes. You have the option of starting in Community Edition then purchasing additional plug-ins or development from scratch as needed for whatever new requirements arise. This architecture ensures consistent scalability no matter what it may be!

Shopware is a high-performance, standards-based system that you can easily maintain. The architecture of Shop ware allows developers to focus on their code rather than special knowledge about this platform. As well as being flexible enough for any company's needs wide range of modifications has been made possible without disrupting business continuity or requiring extensive downtime with upgradeable components in place.


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