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Digital transformation is the integration of technologies into all areas. It's a fundamental change that will transform how we work and deliver value to customers. It also requires us continuously challenge against status quo. Еxperiment with new ideas while accepting failure when they fail to meet customer needs better than before eventually!

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What is digital transformation?

Digital Transformation Agency

The digital age has been transforming industries and businesses for years. The integration of new technologies into every area, leading to fundamental changes in how companies operate. Delivering value through access channels like websites or apps on smartphones rather than face-to-face contact with customers who order items at their store - аll these things make up what we call "digital transformation." It's not an easy task because each company needs its definition. Generally speaking, it involves integrating technology throughout your entire business process to serve clients better while staying ahead.

The digital transformation is setting new standards for companies and growth. It's not just about integrating new technologies into a company. It's an entire shift that changes almost everything characterizing businesses - existing products are being reinvented, manual processes replacing them with automated models while decisions become more precise through data analysis! This means our focus needs to change too. Instead of focusing solely on implementing tech solutions, we must also consider improving best practices within other areas. E.g., training employees or changing job responsibilities to be equipped enough when faced with future challenges brought by technology.

The future is looking bright for businesses that invest in digital transformation. Not only are there new technologies likeartificial intelligence,cloud computing, and IoT becoming increasingly popular every day. But it's also important not to forget about the duality between introducing these innovative advancements while still maintaining legacy systems that may need some help transforming themselves into something more modern too! Lazy Ants has got your back with our cutting-edge solutions - whether you're interested in establishing an SEO strategy or want us on hand during a whole rebuild process (and everything else!).

Covid-19 and Implementation of Digital Transformation

The disruption of the global pandemic has given IT executives a chance to adopt intelligent, digitally-enabled operating models and previously unimaginable strategies. Today's digital landscape offers an unprecedented opportunity for companies in every industry, from retailers who want increased efficiency or manufacturers looking out over their product lines with greater insight. To take advantage of this transformational shift by adopting new ways of working on boards like machine learning algorithms which can help them make better decisions— reevaluating how they communicate internally through chat tools designed especially.

Lazy Ants - Agency for Digital Transformation already has a team of experts who deliver superior IT transformations. We work with the latest platforms and can handle any demand that comes their way because they're ahead of trends now!

Helping to drive digital transformation

Assistance Digital Transformation

Lazy Ants is a digital business transformation agency that helps companies smooth transition into the postmodern era and overcome risks. We take an innovative, scalable approach by taking on all aspects of your IT needs while helping you achieve sustainable value for yourself through our services available worldwide!

We take a unique, data-driven approach to transforming your IT landscape. We analyze the current state of play so our experts can provide you with strategic recommendations on optimizing legacy systems. They also bring about efficiency by combining them with new-age digital offerings to enable companies to reap all benefits possible from their technology investments.

There is no company out there better suited than us! With a focus on providing clients with the latest digital transformation, Lazy Ants offers expert support to help companies overcome their challenges. With our team's continuous innovation and development of new concepts forcustomization solutionsexplicitly tailored toward your needs and those of any industry partner organizations you may work closely with during this process.

Our IT Transformation Services

The future is now. Your organization needs to be ready for it! Let us help you create a digital change plan and implement an IT landscape that will deliver compelling results while remaining future-proof to stay competitive on the market today as well as tomorrow's challenges.

Digital transformation consulting

To ensure that your organization's technical infrastructure, processes, and structures are in good working order for the long term, we analyze them all. This way, you can make sure things will run smoothly now and down the road or even decades from now!

UI/UX design, web design and idea development

Our team can help you build an engaging customer experience that delights and builds relationships from user interfaces toweb design. We have a comprehensive suite of services for developing effective strategies in UI/UX as well as creating human-centered content with your branding on it!

Mobile and web app development

What are the things you should look out for when choosing a platform? The right app development company will have experience in both mobile apps and web apps and digital skills to match your needs.

Ready-to-use IoT system engineering

Join our team of engineers and make the most out of IoT technology, bridging people with devices.

End-to-end ML and AI model production

With a team of experienced AI specialists, we can help you make sense of machine learning and turn it into something useful for your business. Our services include years in software development powered by tech like this!

Big Data infrastructure and data management

The data you have collected turns into valuable information to make better business decisions. Create new revenue streams and score points with your competition in no time!

Reengineering of legacy products and apps

We'll help you make your legacy systems work for you. Our team can upgrade and modernize outdated equipment to always be up to date with the latest technologies, providing a better experience from start to finish.

Process Consulting

Get the most out of your business with our consultants. We'll create innovative strategies tailored to you and help improve every aspect, including processes - because we want it all!


We help companies take advantage of blockchain's revolutionary features to streamline their business and make it more efficient.

Digital commerce & marketing

We help you maintain your customer base by using omnichannel methods and developing innovative loyalty solutions to meet the demands of evolving retail channels.

What are the benefits of digital transformation?

Advantages digital transformation

The digital revolution has made it easier than ever to do things in new ways. With the help of emerging technologies and automation, businesses can cut down their operating costs while still meeting customer needs!

With the right technological solutions, unleash your employees, and they will thank you for it. They'll focus on more critical tasks that can lead them down new business paths never before seen by any company in history!

The ROI on digital transformation is dependent on multiple factors. Your business can benefit from various technologies to improve its efficiency and increase revenue. Still, the technology itself has significant power in helping your company work more efficiently while also strengthening relationships with both customers/clients and other employees within an organization.

Increase productivity while reducing manpower costs

With the right tools in place, you can keep costs down and productivity high by using technology to increase work efficiency. For example, companies have reduced their time spent on training new employees and updating digital resources with these modern technologies, which is one of the most potent ways to transform business today.

Improving the customer experience

Tech-savvy customers look for a great experience across multiple touchpoints – mobile apps, social media, and email. With the growing popularity of live chat among tech-savvy consumers these days! Digital transformation has become an important force in driving customer satisfaction because it enables companies to understand their audience better with all different devices being used nowadays.

Increase competitiveness in your industry

It is time to take a leap of faith and go digital. If you don't, your competition will most likely be doing so; thus making it impossible for yourself to compete and survive in the market within such an ever-changing technological landscape that we live in today!

Strategy and framework for digital transformation

Transformation is complex, but it doesn't have to be impossible. There will ultimately come about some resolution where success can occur without too much hassle along with every step taken towards getting closer toward delivering what was initially envisioned by executives were already aware. A good strategy for digital transformation starts with understanding your business processes and aligning them accordingly while considering technology, customer expectations, and budget constraints that may exist within a company's goals set out before beginning this process of change management. Mapping these various factors together provides an outline of how best suits the needs at hand.

When working on the digital transformation strategy, experts analyze three dimensions:

  • Current technological state
  • Business requirements
  • The skills of the internal IT experts

Current technological state

Our team takes a deep dive into your organization's current technology infrastructure to provide effective and compatibility-compliant digital transformation services. We examine every existing solution you're using for procurement and its effectiveness in meeting the needs of both customers AND employees!

If you know everything about the IT solutions currently used in your company, then it's likely that their next step will be just as valuable.

Collecting business requirements

Companies want a seamless transition to the new digital world, but they also need consultants to introduce innovations without disrupting daily operations.

The process of digital transformation begins by understanding your technologies and capabilities. The best plans are customized for you, which will provide a better experience than an off-the-shelf solution that doesn't fit what's needed.

The combined approach can yield an optimal result at a competitive price when considering all factors.

Maintaining innovation

We know that digital transformation is not an easy task. But our team has you covered! We can help build new systems and maintain them so your business continues to thrive in this ever-changing world of technology.

What can be expected during the digital transformation?

Progress of the digital transformation

All those bumps along our journey helped teach me how valuable input is when solving problems outside my area! It's essential to be prepared for change. If you introduce new solutions too quickly, it can cause pushback from your team - this goes against human nature and might lead them away from wanting improvements in the future if they feel like there hasn't been enough time or effort put into making things better now. The agile approach tells us that as soon as something gets worse before getting better - people will come around because we know what needs doing.

How do you measure success?

You need to figure out what KPIs will help your company measure the success of this transformation.

Here is our list of suggestions:

  • the number of licenses used compared to the number of licenses purchased
  • saved hours
  • Revenue from new digital services
  • Customer Experience

Current technology state

Metrics are an essential part of any transformation initiative because they help measure success. Business needs vary depending on your company's goals and objectives, but having metrics that reflect these changes can make all parties involved feel more confident with their progress or lack thereof towards reaching those specific targets.

Three common reasons for digital transformation failure

For a transformation project to be successful, it's imperative that all three aspects.

  • People who are responsible for implementing the changes in-house.
  • Communication between departments or teams within an organization (e.g., sales and marketing) concerning progress updates on their end).
  • Measurement systems put into place so managers can track data over time - should work together seamlessly.

People and corporate culture

People are the difference between success and failure for any transformation. Corporate culture is a critical factor in your digital strategy, as it's one way to make sure you're getting everything right with all aspects from technology choices through employee training programs - if people aren't on board, then there won't be much chance of making things go smoothly!

Poor communication

Leadership cannot expect transformation initiatives to be successful without communicating with their teams first. Often, the administration mandates changes without taking time to explain why and how they will achieve success; if this is the case, you should provide specific, actionable guidance before, during as well after transitions so that your initiative can get off on the right foot rather than fail prematurely.

Lack of measurements

To succeed in the digital age, you have to define what success means. A successful transformation hinges on execution and setting targeted objectives that vary depending upon whether it's an internal initiative (such as cost reduction) or an external one. Such as increasing revenue through advertising campaigns - before deciding who wins each objective, everyone remains committed to achieving them. Companies sometimes think they can monitor their KPIs based on those that are already set for business growth, but if there is a change in how things run- new KPI's will be necessary and should account for any changes or side effects caused by this shift.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions & answers

Digital transformation is adding, scaling, and replacing systems to improve customer experience. This often involves centralizing existing technology and cutting costs by leveraging new technologies like cloud computing or artificial intelligence (AI).

In the digital transformation era, it is crucial to have a firm that understands how businesses work. The consulting company helps executives identify and leverage new technologies for better meeting their needs- usually by focusing on three main components:
  • Search for providers(e.g., we know we need a CSP, but we don't know which CSP)
  • Strategic consulting(how can we become better through technology?)
  • Looking for solutions to provide customers with a digital customer experience, and the processes involved(we know our customers are online, but we don't know how to serve them that way)

The people who will make the digital transformation happen in your organization have not yet been identified. They will be key players that need buy-in from other departments and an overall shift of mindset on what's possible as we enter this new era, so let us help you identify these individuals before they're gone!

The advantages of digitization are clear. Digitizing your business will help you to improve efficiency, cut down on costs and time spent processing paperwork - all while increasing productivity:
  • increase sales
  • make processes more efficient
  • drive the digital business forward
  • digitization is essentially about creating new businesses or processes
When a traditional brick-and-mortar store opens an e-commerce platform, that's digitization - it's like creating new digital assets instead of improving existing processes.

Digitalization is the process of transforming non-digital processes into digital ones. For example, instead of an e-commerce store (digitizing it), digitize your company's accounting system by using cloud-based software that replaces paper filing cabinets with ease!

Digitizing records is not just about digitization but also what happens at an organizational level. A company may choose to go through with this process to grow their business without other companies or industries having anything on it either way!

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