Blockchain development and consulting

The power of Blockchain technology is a game-changer for the way your business operates. We want you to take advantage, so let us help with that!

Blockchain Development

If you want to improve your business's efficiency, the best way is by using Blockchain technology. You can exchange data and funds with secure smart contracts that are fast! With so-called "blocks" making it possible for transactions in no time at all. Such networks ensure reliable service through security features like timestamping every transaction made on its network - giving businesses peace of mind when working together or conducting financial activities remotely.

Why do you need blockchain applications?

Blockchain development

Soon, blockchain technology will be used by almost all companies to facilitate business transactions. The security and transparency of this new system provide an excellent way for organizations in any industry or sector (including yours) with valuable information on their records, such as time-stamped digital data blocks that can't be tampered with.

  • Many banks are partnering with technology companies to enhance their transaction process.
  • The number of blockchain wallet users is expected to reach 100 million in 2022.
  • Blockchain technology is already starting to provide a return on investment for businesses, with 70 percent of potential cost savings estimated.

Blockchain development agency - how do we go about it?

Identify goals

The first step to developing your blockchain application is identifying the goals, time, and effort you want to invest in for it to be successful. The current app can then leverage that work as well!

Identification of the appropriate blockchain platform

Do you want to create a decentralized blockchain application without building it from scratch? The type of consent mechanism and the problem you plan on solving determine what kind of technology is best suited for this task in general. Still, other factors like privacy protection come into play when making certain decisions about how an app should operate. Choose the right platform for your needs.

Blockchain idea search

This process aims to generate innovative ideas and business requirements that will allow you to build your application on top blockchains. To do so, firstly identify what it is precisely about these technologies which grab our attention? And then use those insights as inspiration for designing new applications with potential in them or finding ways around problems they're solving within society now- how can we leverage their capabilities into something beneficial too!

Develop a concept study

A concept study is a type of design used to understand the potential for your blockchain project. Depending on what you need, it can be either theoretical or prototype, depending on what you need. Both options provide valuable insight into how people might use and interact with it!

Development of visual and technical designs

Interface development is essential for creating a user-friendly experience for your customers. Technical and design components are necessary to make sure that the result meets their needs, which will lead them back into buying from you again!

Application development

Development is the core phase of blockchain application, where all coding and testing phases for beta applications are performed. We develop your alpha version to launch it into production mode in a further course!


In deploying an app, there is a need for testing on both test and main networks. We should deploy your application to the test server before going live to ensure that it functions as intended and does not have bugs!

We make your business processes highly secure, transparent, scalable and globally accessible.

Blockchain scalability

We are a leading blockchain development agency with in-depth knowledge and expertise. We have successfully delivered decentralized solutions for different industries such as finance, real estate, and healthcare, to name just a few!

With its radical characteristics, Blockchain is already changing the business world. With our experience integrating this technology into mobility solutions, we have an edge as a company that can offer startups everything they need from developing smart contracts to auditing processes or helping them execute their own ICOs.

At Lazy Ants, we have proven that blockchain development is one of a company's best things. We offer our customers an entire team to help with every step of their project and languages and tools for them to develop decentralized ecosystems properly too!

Application examples

Blockchain application examples

We'll help you streamline and automate processes with our blockchain technology applications. We offer expert services in creating crypto tokens, coins, smart wallets for bitcoins, or any other type of cryptocurrency that fits your needs!

  • Blockchain applications for Forex
  • Blockchain applications for banks
  • Blockchain applications for cryptocurrencies

Fundraising Tech Development

We are committed to helping you maximize your fundraising opportunities by leveraging the potential of IEOs, ICO's and STOs. Our team can help design a custom offering that will allow maximum benefits while reducing risk to reach stakeholders who have been favored with other methods such as crowdfunding campaigns or private placements on decentralized exchanges (DEX).

Cryptocurrency & Crypto Exchanges

As a renowned blockchain agency in cryptocurrency and digital currency development, we are at the forefront of innovation. Our dedicated developers have experience developing hack-proof decentralized crypto exchange software, token sales platforms, and DEXs for various industries, with secure, scalable, reliable systems, setting them apart from others who provide only infrequent solutions tailored to specific needs.

Smart Contracts, DApps, Strategy

Blockchain Consulting

A growing number of businesses are using Blockchain technology to improve and maximize their success. We offer strategic consulting for the successful use of this revolutionary new tech so that you can stay ahead in an ever-changing market!

Private blockchain development

We can help you build a solid blockchain development team to build your business idea. Let's work together and see if it is possible!

Decentralized Blockchain DApp Development

The Lazy Ants team is committed to the Innovative approaches of State-of Innovation by leveraging blockchain technologies such as smart contracts, DApps, and tokenization. We create powerful decentralized applications on any device: desktop browser or mobile phone!

POC development

While our team focuses on the design and development of a website, we want you to know that this won't be just another ordinary site. We will also create mockups for testing your idea before its launch, so there aren't any surprises when it goes live!

Smart Contract Development

We take the time to get to know your business and what makes it unique. Our team can provide smart contract development, full-stack blockchain engineering that includes exchange platforms and secure e-wallet apps.

Ethereum App Development

We offer a suite of services for customizing Ethereum smart contracts and applications. We can make your project stand out with our in-house blockchain developers or strategic partners, ensuring that you have the best technical support possible!

ICO Development Service

We provide a range of services to help launch an ICO easy as pie. Our comprehensive list includes everything from conceptual token design and smart contracts for security purposes through website deployment and infrastructure maintenance during campaign time!

STO development service (Security Token Offering)

With our team of experts, you will be able to launch your STO successfully. We understand that each project is unique. We offer tailored support for yours with the complete development process from start-to-finish including conceptual design through deployment on multiple platforms and maintaining any necessary websites or other campaigns involved in this venture!

Cryptocurrency development

We offer a wide range of services to help you use bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in your legacy system. We have an internal team and strategic partners who can provide software development for this new technology!

Cryptocurrency Wallet Development

Our blockchain developers can offer expertise in a cryptocurrency wallet. Our teams are dedicated to creating multi-cryptocurrency wallets that will fit any type or size business seamlessly and securely, with no worries about compatibility issues between different cryptocurrencies!

Multi Chain / Supply Chain

We can help you improve your traceability and transparency to reduce the administrative costs of developing a Blockchain service with our effective supply chain solutions.

Open Source Blockchain / Hyperledger Development

We support you in realizing the potential of open-source blockchains such as Hyperledger Fabric and Multichain for banking and finance, healthcare, manufacturing retail, etc.Ω

Crowdfunding Blockchain Solutions

We're building a crowdfunding platform that your users will want to use again and again. We've got the skills necessary for smart contract-based projects with top-tier security features, so you can focus on what matters most - creativity!

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