Nearshore software development from Ukraine

If you're looking for a team of software developers who can build your project from start to finish and provide the best possible customer service, then look no further than our nearshore teams in Germany and Ukraine. Our staff is qualified to handle any task that comes their way with expertise unmatched by other companies around Europe or North America!

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Nearshore outsourcing of software development

Why nearshore software development team from Ukraine?

Developer from Ukraine

What is nearshore outsourcing?

The perfect solution for any business that needs help managing their software is nearshore outsourcing with a team of highly skilled professionals who can integrate seamlessly into your existing organization. We understand how to provide expert support where you need it most and will work together on this project until its completion, giving both parties maximum value from every contractor we bring in along the way.

With Nearshore IT Development Services, you can take advantage of an expanded team without the usual difficulties. With these services, working with a nearshore outsourcing company also allows for better budget utilization and more productivity on your end!

We help you find, select and place your next software development team in Ukraine. This is an excellent way for companies looking to develop their expertise and gain real business advantages relying on our talented nearshore developers or IT specialists with years of experience from past projects working all over the world - clients like yourself!

What are the arguments in favor of outsourcing?

More time for expertise in the core business

When your business needs software, it's essential to find the right developer with so many projects going on at once and no time for themself because of all these deadlines. It becomes difficult enough to manage everything without adding another burden onto oneself by trying to do this alone! That's where outsourcing comes. You get quality results while focusing exclusively on what brings money into a bank account each month.

Improving the quality of software products

Outsourcing your project to a professional software development company is the best way to create more reliable code. Outsourcing also helps improve quality and maintainability, which adds value for you as well!

Your software project will be developed faster

Lazy Ants offers a team of dedicated programmers from Ukraine so that you can meet the deadline for your project. We provide outsourcing and hiring services, making it easier for companies than ever before!

Reduced software development costs

Outsourcing your software project does not require wasted learning time or upfront costs for resources. You only pay if the development team implements and deploys a finished product of high quality that meets all requirements, which have been communicated in advance. Hence, there are no surprises when it's finally done.

Our nearshore developers from Ukraine

Nearshore developer from Ukraine

What does it feel like to work with a company as passionate about your success and committed? The answer starts by looking at the people. We have our nearshore developers who know common languages/platforms like Java, PHP, Node.js, or Python, alongside other skillsets needed for solving technical challenges in software development - they're just waiting on you now! You can count on them because we've given each one of these team members everything from experience coding up through project management, so no matter what stage their career may be in right now, there will always be something new coming out over here.

The advantages of a well-chosen nearshore solution for software development cannot be understated. You have undoubtedly heard the countless reasons, so let us not waste your time with repetition! We will mention one significant advantage: reduced cost and risk associated with hiring offshore talent that can offer you certain services at only a fraction of their usual rate (not mentioning any more than this would).

So, you're probably more interested in making the right choice of a nearshore software provider. In addition, you probably already know that while there are seemingly countless opportunities for this type of business abroad - with most lacking either something important or just not being very inspiring at all! So what should your priorities be?

We provide Western Europe, USA, and Australia-based companies with a better alternative to traditional nearshoring tailored for their unique needs. We have perfected our service over time by considering what other providers leave out - like locations or languages - to make sure we meet all requirements of any size business!

Why our nearshore agency from Ukraine may be of interest to you

Quick start

We provide you with a team of experienced software developers who form the core for most projects. This way, we can save time and money by getting started quickly!

Want to be in the best position possible? Hire our recruiting team. We have an experienced and well-connected group of professionals who will find you the most competitive Nearshore developers from Ukraine or other candidates that fit your needs quickly, efficiently - without wasting time looking at incorrect possibilities!

We can, within 2 to 4 weeks (depending on the technology stack you need), deliver a fully efficient nearshore software development team for your needs.

Management and expertise

Our management and senior technical experts have worked together for more than 13 years. They were collaborating on projects that were too big or complex to handle by anyone. They're the ones who will manage your project when you choose our Nearshore development services. They also work as a team of two heads: one from operations (who oversees this side) plus another with expertise in engineering/designing software systems like ours - that way, their combined knowledge can handle anything thrown at them!

We work hard to make sure that our senior software engineers are involved in selecting candidates from Ukraine for your project. This helps us interview potential nearshore developers more thoroughly and hire those who can most benefit you, which is why it's essential not just from an employer perspective but also as a client!

We don't believe in short-term solutions for your software development needs. All of our more than 50 nearshore developers from Ukraine and engineers have relevant university degrees, with work experience ranging from 3 to 10+ years - we're talking about experienced professionals here! Our team also includes QA experts ready at any time should you need them too; they've successfully participated in developing complex systems on behalf of international clients all over the world.

Competitive pricing

We'll be sure to inspire you with our Eastern European / Ukraine pricing for nearshore development!

You don't have to search for local experts because we offer nearshore/offshore ukrainian software development support. We'll take care of a 50% reduction in your costs, and you can use your saved funds more profitably!

We are a team of qualified, experienced engineers from Ukraine who can be your nearshore outsourcing development partners. We will provide you with the best quality service and ensure that our work meets set standards for both speed and cost-effectiveness to bring in an end product worth every penny spent on us!

First-class outsourcing location

You could hardly ask for a more conveniently located nearshore development partner than us.

We are located near the European markets and in one of the important software development and outsourcing centers - in Ukraine. Our local IT community consists of many professionals with years of experience who can offer you advice on what is needed for your project's success long term if it stays here!

Business analysis and cost estimates

You need more than just software development expertise to complete a project. Knowledge-intensive business analysis and qualified and cost-efficient quality assurance are necessary for your success with our complicated tasks requiring all these ingredients in the best quality available at Lazy Ants from Ukraine.

Our approach to estimating the cost of a project is unique. We don't use developers. Instead, our estimates come from experienced business analysts with 3+ years of experience developing projects for clients worldwide - giving us an accuracy rate that's unmatched by others on this market! Plus, you'll save time and money because your budget won't be wasted going through significant changes later down the development timeline either.


We're here to help you get your project off the ground and keep it running smoothly. With our experienced team of account managers, we'll make sure that all activities are aligned with both goals for a successful nearshore development process and company culture standards- ensuring an efficient outcome without any issues or problems!

We make sure your process is as good and smooth sailing as possible by working seamlessly with remote teams of international customers. Whether you're located in Europe or North America – let us help turn interactions into perfection!

Nearshore, offshore and outsourcing - what is the difference?

Was ist Nearshore-Softwareentwicklung?

We make sure your process is as good and smooth sailing as possible by working seamlessly with remote teams of international customers. Whether you're located in Europe or North America – let us help turn interactions into perfection!

What is the difference between nearshore and offshore outsourcing?

Near-shoring can be defined as contracting with a company located in my neighboring country. On the other hand, Offshore Outsourcing awards contracts to an even more distant foreign entity for work that needs doing, often hours away from home base. These outsourced projects are mostly found within different time zones across oceans or around most countries' borders, so they don't get messy with local regulations.

What is the advantage of hiring a company for nearshore outsourcing?

Nearshore outsourcing can help tap skills that are not available, e.g., in Germany or too expensive. A nearshore team also extends your internal teams, resulting in better collaboration and higher quality products than if you worked alone!

What is the difference between outsourcing, nearshoring and offshoring?

The difference between offshore outsourcing, nearshoring and onshore sourcing is where developers complete those tasks. Nearby countries have a lower cost-per-hour due to less distance traveled by transportation costs but may lack some skill sets needed for specific projects. Hence, companies opt out moving forward if they're unable or unwilling to do these jobs themselves instead of opting more towards Offshoring which involves sending work out into other parts around the world, especially Ukraine though there are plenty others too.

Why should I choose a nearshoring company instead of freelancing or subcontracting?

Hiring a nearshoring company allows you to work with different teams of professionals, each specialized in specific skillsets. This is something that cannot be found among freelancers alone!

FAQ - Frequently asked questions & answers

If you want information about our company or would like to discuss possible outsourcing opportunities, please get in touch with us by emailing at [email protected], and we'll be happy to help out!

Usually, we receive the information about your software development project nearshore/offshore in the form you provide us. If those are already formulated specifications, our team will analyze them and submit an estimate for development. It is based on what has been agreed upon between both parties during contract signing - which could mean anything from coding standards all way down to particular countries where work should take place! With our methodology, problems such as those mentioned will be solved for us complete projects- so it's important not only do they exist but also how we plan on tackling them! We are happy to provide an IT consultant who can discuss your project specifications with you and answer any questions during development.

Jira is our standard way of managing projects and issues. We use JIRA as a web-based project management software with many features that make it easy to deal with changes in scope or deadlines when they arise. To stay on top of your offshore software project's progress, we offer weekly status reports that can be accessed by phone or email. You'll also receive an instant notification when it's time for you to review how things are going with this particular task!

Yes, we work with clients to facilitate their projects by visiting them at critical moments throughout the development cycle. As part of this service, our team travels anywhere within Europe for an official meeting that can last up to three hours depending on how long it takes you there! All costs will be discussed before setting up any nearshore/offshored arrangement.

We make sure that our employees are kept up-to-date with current industry standards. They're trained in how these practices can be used when developing or implementing software for you! Lazy Ants takes pride in its ability to meet expectations. The team will work closely with clients throughout the entire process, taking care of every detail so that you can focus on what matters - your business!

When you purchase our nearshore / offshore development agreement, all rights to the developed software and its sources as specified in this contract are yours. If there is any mention of "Lazy Ants" on your project's portfolio page or website after completion (either directly by us mentioning them among other developers), please let us know to eliminate those references immediately!

When you submit an agreed advance notice for all ongoing nearshore/offshore software development projects, we will only charge the part of your project that has been completed. In this case, our team is committed to delivering results and documentation developed until that point!

Lazy ants offer the same services for nearshore/offshore software projects as local ones. We recommend choosing a maintenance and support contract during project setup, which will allow you to hire an independent specialist should any issues arise in later stages of development or delivery.

With various communication methods available to us, we are confident that our client's projects will succeed. We work with your team on selecting the best mode of communication for each task at hand so you can get back up and running quickly:
  • Jira
  • Email
  • Slack / Skype
  • Zoom / Teams / Google Meet

In project-based collaboration, the key to fast response times is ensuring dedicated resources for each task. This also applies when working with nearshore/offshored teams in either type of project and provides quick turnaround on projects! To ensure a productive work environment for both customers and contractors, the response time of any nearshore or offshore development team must be reasonable.

Our team's experience extends beyond seven years. We have professionals with extensive IT consulting, project management, and more who can be hired on as needed to handle your needs for any size job or task that arises!

The size of our team is not the only factor that determines how much it will cost to develop your software. There are also different levels when considering expertise and experience requirements for each member, which can lead you towards either an onshore or offshore model depending upon what best suits your needs in terms of development time speed with quality output.

Working well with others in the project is an essential part of being a successful mobile application developer. A pilot project is an excellent way to reduce your risks when working with offshore/nearshore software development. We recommend that you take the time during this phase of projects to carefully review quality assurance and testing before it begins so as not only to have a successful first run but also to sustain high standards for future work downscaled versions if necessary! You must be able to focus on your development and provide appropriate resources for other employees. That will help them do their jobs best- from Attention during the analysis phase through testing applications across different stages and milestones along with cohesive communication between partners working together nearshore/offshore.
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