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Pimcore is a powerful tool that helps you manage your online store products, including their information. We can provide custom-designed features to secure and optimize the customer experience for these e-commerce stores that worked with PIM development companies like ours!

What is Pimcore?

Pimcore is an enterprise experience management platform that includes an advanced content management system (CMS), personal information manager(PIM), and commerce capabilities.

The Pimcore Platform™ is a game-changing enterprise software platform that gives companies the power to manage their customer data and experiences across every channel. It is recognized by analysts like Gartner, Forrester, & many more - it has been used in over 100k organizations in over 50 countries.

What distinguishes us as a top Pimcore development firm?

Pimcore Agency

The need for an efficient and cost-effective way to manage digital solutions is growing with the advancement in technology. We provide a framework to help your company meet its goals by developing various designs, including lower operational costs, enhanced customer experience, increased revenue generation, etc.

Pimcore offers a fantastic user experience by maintaining a consistent appearance on different platforms and devices. You can deliver seamless marketing campaigns with the help of this software that will keep your customers happy throughout their journey within your organization.

We're early adopters. We've mastered Pimcore technology and have already delivered many solutions using this platform to clients ranging from startups up to large organizations.

What are the main advantages of hiring Lazy Ants for Pimcore development services?

Pimcore based e-commerce & Marketplace

Pimcore is a robust software that has proven itself on massive projects with data consisting of millions or even billions of products. It's also used as an e-commerce platform for businesses looking to offer their customers the best virtual shopping experience possible! Driving more sales while providing personalized shop emulate experiences at any given time (and place) online, no matter how many channels you're using. The marketplace helps bring together expertise from across industries and allows them all growth through innovation-driven partnerships like this one.

Pimcore based CMS/UX Design and Development

Making the most of your website needs a user interface that matches what customers want. Effective CMS/UX development is all about matching customer needs with an appropriate design, and this includes both online presences and mobile sites or apps for when you're on the on-the-go!

Mobile Application Development

Pimcore's platform offers a wide range of features designed to simplify the content management process for businesses. The company also provides tools like an API and mobile apps to easily integrate into any organization's workflow without sacrificing quality or user experience.

PIM Integration

Centralizing and harmonizing all your marketing, sales, and technical product information is what Pimcore does best. It's open-source software that brings together different data from various operations to create more strategic campaigns for you!

MDM and DAM Management for Enterprise e-commerce

Pimcore offers some of the best default functionality to manage assets and data. It streamlines your business plan by helping you deliver harmonized information across systems, applications, or even devices for smooth operations throughout an organization.

Our Pimcore development process

Gather Information and Analyze Requirements

Good planning is the key to success. The process starts with understanding your business and comprehending what's needed, leading to updraft proposal documents to give appropriate advice based on that knowledge.

Wireframes and design

Our team of professionals will work with you to create a clean, contemporary application in style and designed for user-friendliness. We can help by providing wireframe designs or even complete projects depending on the scope required!


Development is the process of designing, developing, and maintaining software. It can involve coding tasks into programs or scripts (or both), client feedback that could include bug reports - it's all about shaping your project to meet its goals!

Quality assurance

Quality Assurance ensures that your application is of the highest quality. We test it for you, share our findings with clients to get final approval before release, and make sure everything seamlessly works!

Deployment and launch

Once you've launched your app, we'll be there to offer Post-launch support. Our team will deploy it on the client's server and then take care of any issues that arise in its first few days or weeks after release - no matter how small they are!

FAQ - Frequently asked questions & answers

Pimcore is a robust platform that easily integrates multiple modules into their processes. The PIM/MDM, DAM, and CDP are all useful for managing data within your organization, while DXP/ CMS provides an easy way of generating online content such as blogs or web pages!

Pimcore is a powerful, open-source platform that aggregates and manages enterprise data to help customers get the most out of their business. It provides up-to-date information in an easily accessible format for all users on its seamlessly integrated system - centralizing solutions like PIM (people interface), MDM (mobile device management), DAM & CDP, along with DXP/ CMS platforms into one place. So you don't have multiple sources coming at your company from different angles.

Pimcore is a powerful tool that helps in developing an e-commerce portal. It can be done across channels such as web store, mobile app, etc., with one platform! It has the PIM ( occupies functionality) CMS and provides crucial components for building end-to-end platforms like creating product catalogs or managing customer orders online.

Pimcore is a powerful, versatile content management system (CMS) that enables businesses to easily add new products and update their website without having any technical experience. It provides an intuitive interface for users so they can update all of the information on your site in one place - whether you want more social media followers or need some changes made sense!

With Pimcore's powerful CMS and web analytics features, you can create personalized experiences for your users with data collection on their behavior. With the ability to profile visitors through user profiles or landing pages explicitly designed by this software program to deliver an individualized experience based on what they have already shown interest in before opening any site page.

The licensing cost of Pimcore software is zero. It's an open-source platform, so all you have to do to use it is pay the solution development costs, which can vary depending on what components make up your specific needs.


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