Modniy Ostrov Mobile Version

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The biggest webshop platform has requested to rebuild their website mobile version using the client-server architecture, where the primary goal is to improve UI/UX and website productivity to support the continued growth of customers.

The Technologies

We've used Angular 5 for the client side, Symfony PHP, and Sylius e-commerce platform for the server side.

The Features

There is also used Event Bus architecture with Apache Kafka distributing streaming platform to increase communication flow between the services drastically.

The Usability

We took into account the mistakes of the competitors and our past mistakes and created a convenient mobile version that has to buy from mobile devices, the new interface is no longer an obstacle, and it helps the user navigate and place an order for the minimum number of actions. A new card of the goods, informative and straightforward, a new personal cabinet where there are all information and order history.

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